An association proposes to go in search of “gold waste”

Two years after a test balloon, they relaunched the tale of “gold waste”. This time he would not be found in a few hours. The Sauvage Méditerranée team based in Aix-en-Provence has perfected a long-term treasure hunt with around twenty clues on the menu. “Just register online from Wednesday, and provide an email address and then receive the various puzzles,” states Adrien Piquera, who plays the role of “the mysterious man” for this treasure hunt, which starts next Monday.

The goal is to find in nature a coffin, the size of a shoebox, made of plastic found on the beaches of the Mediterranean. Like all the jewels in this associative brand that redistributes the profits from its sales to local associations to protect the environment. It is not spoiler what to say that inside the “gold waste” is … a check for 1,000 euros to be offered to one or more pollution cleanup associations, and the new collection of upcycled jewelry from Sauvage Méditerranée, worth 500 euros.

“The world’s most polluted sea”

Behind “the golden waste” is the idea of ​​showing that waste has value, explains Manu Laurin, founder of the association. We would like to help rethink our ways of seeing other waste lying on beaches and in forests, taking into account their hitherto ignored value and the need to increase collection upstream and the recycling cycle downstream. “

There is also, emphasizes Adrien Pïquera, “the idea of ​​getting people to participate”, inviting people to leave their homes and look at their surroundings in a different way. The idea for the game came to the team while reading the “Golden Owl” puzzle, a treasure hunt started in 1993 and to this day still unsolved.

For this treasure hunt, the puzzles will surely guide the participants to the hiding place. If the participants are invited all over France, the mysterious man confides that “the gold waste is hidden in the most polluted sea in the world.” As a reminder, the Sauvage Méditerranée, which has its workshop in Aix-en-Provence, works with more than 20 partner associations from Montpellier to Menton via Corsica. Since its creation in 2018, it has redistributed 5,000 euros from waste collection and recycling.

The first edition of the “gold waste” was won by a young medical intern. “He took advantage of a break to ride a motorcycle to the place he had recognized in a photo,” Adrien Piquera recalls. With this new challenge, he hopes to reach a large audience and not just those who regularly participate in garbage collection on the beach. An association for the recycling of cigarette butts was the lucky winner of the first “gold waste”. Result after a few weeks.

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