CBS aims for another conference after the expiration of the SEC agreement, per. report

Derek Peterson | 21 hours ago

In the college football gun war over TV stock, CBS lost the biggest asset when the SEC agreed to take its biggest games from CBS to ESPN / ABC at the end of their current contract in 2023.

The Worldwide Leader begins broadcasting SEC matches in the late afternoon of 2024, part of a $ 3 billion 10-year deal reached in late 2020. The SEC on CBS Game of the Week, arguably the most valuable slot on a college football Saturday, will move to ESPN properties. The question that the movement posed was whether CBS, with a gaping hole in its holdings, would turn away from major college football?

According to new reporting from The Athletics media writer Richard Deitsch, do not expect CBS to disappear. Look for the TV company to make a play at either the Big Ten Conference or the Pac-12 Conference when one of their TV rights agreements expires in 2024 (ESPN / FOX) and at the end of the school year 2023-24 .

“The SEC has been great for us, and I also think we’ve been really good to the SEC. It’s the most valuable window in college football, the 15:30 (pm ET) window on CBS,” said CBS Sports President Sean McManus , pr. German. “We plan to be involved in the business of college football, big-time college football, going forward, and I think taking advantage of the tradition we have established.

“You know, when we put the SEC on national television back in 2001, people thought we were crazy. ‘The Southeast Conference? Who in the Midwest and who in the Northeast, and who in the West will care about the SEC?’ But we promoted it, and we said, ‘Every week at 3:30, you’ll see the best SEC game.’ We grew it.I think it’s been the most watched college window in all of college football for 12 years in a row.Whatever we decide to do, that window will still be accessible to high-profile, very worth seeing college football.We still have 2 years to our deal.We will continue to promote it and produce it and I think our production team is great.That’s part of the reason it’s so great a window is (how) the games look and feel different as our CBS team produces them. “

McManus, Deitsch wrote, said CBS will remain aggressive in looking for CFB packages in the future.

Deitsch also reported that ESPN will break from the CBS form of putting best SEC game at 15:30 PM ET slot when it takes over the league’s media rights in 2024. ESPN has committed to placing an SEC game on ABC in the same window, but it will appear to be flexing between ABC and ESPN channels as well as late afternoon and primetime slots for the high-profile SEC games.

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