Dubai Fitness Challenge: Sheikh Hamdan fan to cycle 100 km for 30 days – News

Vinoi have an iron bar in the leg and metal screws in the arms to hold the bones in place

Vinoi Victor George Paluparambil.  Photo: Included

Vinoi Victor George Paluparambil. Photo: Included

Published: Tuesday 16 Nov. 2021 at 15.31

Vinoi Victor George Paluparambil, a 34-year-old Indian expat, is relentless in his quest to complete a self-imposed challenge of cycling 100km daily during the 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge: Dubai 30X30.

Vinoi started cycling because of his ‘hero’ – Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai – who is behind getting Dubai up and running through the fitness challenge.

The Indian expat started cycling at Meydan when he learned that the chairman of the Dubai Executive Council often bikes at Meydan.

“Meeting Sheikh Hamdan in person is my dream. I saw in the newspaper that he was cycling in Meydan, and I also started cycling there in hopes of a chance meeting one day. I’m sure my dream will soon come true, “says Paluparambil.”

The cycling enthusiast, who has screws in his arm and an iron bar in his leg from previous sports accidents while playing football and diving, said: “Last year 10 days before the Dubai Fitness Challenge I bought a bike. After finishing work I used to go to either Al Khawaneej “or Meydan. I could only run 50km every day for 12 consecutive days and 100km for 18 days. However, I ended up losing 18kg in 30 days even though I ate everything I liked.”

He said it gave him an incentive to keep cycling as he loves to eat.

“I thought this was a good way to lose weight. I’m a foodie and like all kinds of kitchens. The best solution is to cycle or do some form of exercise. I do not like the idea of ​​dieting. So for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021, I decided to run 100km a day on the Meydan cycle track.I start around 20.30-21.00 daily.I cycle for four hours.I finish cycling around 12.30 or 1. Then I come home and eat two eggs, ”he revealed.

“Sometimes my knees raise, but I use a cold pack and keep encouraging myself to keep going until I reach my goal.”

His mission has made him a hero in the eyes of his seven-year-old daughter. “My daughter says ‘dad, you’re like a superman.’ She also says she’s going to study more if I’m done with the challenge.

“The first two or three 100km laps this year were really tough, but my wife and my daughter have been extremely supportive,” said the expatriate.


The multi-talented athlete, who is also into various sports such as tennis, football and badminton, says: “I have received great support from members of the Muziris Cycling Club in Kerala, where I participate in cycling challenges when I go home. Members of the Mala Bikers Club in India and Kerala Riders in Dubai and DXB Riders have all supported me on this journey.

Some member would call me to hear if I’m feeling well and well. My cousin Saju Poulose Sudhi, who is himself an avid cyclist, has been my biggest inspiration and bulwark.

But such a challenging feat involves many obstacles. Many times the weather is a challenge, he says. “After 11pm, the Meydan track will be quite cold. It was very cold once back. Other times it blows. So it will be difficult to ride the bike. But I keep pushing myself and telling myself that I want to finish my 100 km no matter what. ”

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