One Package, Two Destinations at the pulse x The Emperor Hotel Staycation

Just check in and enjoy a cured exotic vacation, ideal for no planners!

Stay in a Deluxe room with breakfast for two from $ 900 with hotel credit equal to the room rate

Enjoy an afternoon with a Moroccan theme and a 180 ° sea view

Enjoy restaurants by the sea and popular activities

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – November 17, 2021 – Most Hong Kongers have already been to all sorts of residences. Food-themed suites, ocean views, infinity pools – these have become more and more common. But have you tried traveling back and forth between the city and the suburbs, taking the journey beyond just staying but actually taking a vacation as if you were on a real vacation? What’s more, no advance planning is required because the hotel has already done the hard work, giving you a carefully designed itinerary! pulsen, the beach complex at Repulse Bay, in collaboration with The Emperor Hotel, gives you a whole new living experience! From 1 November 2021 to 30 January 2022 upon purchase of Get Fun Up Staycation package, guests can enjoy accommodation and facilities during the hotel event and take a free shuttle bus to the pulse to enjoy The Moroccan Moment, wakesurfing, an acro yoga session, an escape game and more activities. Guests can even use coupons at the exotic beach restaurants on the pulse, completely immersed in the holiday atmosphere! That Get Fun Up Staycation The package starts at only $ 900 including service charge. After deducting breakfast, heart rate coupons, the shuttle bus and activities including The Moroccan Moment, the room charge is completely canceled, meaning your night’s stay at the hotel is free! The price is the same for weekdays and weekends, a good deal!

One Package, Two Destinations at the pulse x The Emperor Hotel Staycation

Stay with a planned itinerary

Two different experiences back and forth in the city and the suburbs

Get the Fun Up Staycation stands out from other luxury hotel stays in hopes of delivering an authentic holiday experience. The most unique element lies in the itinerary that the hotel has put together, saving guests from making plans themselves. Guests can simply check in and wait for the scheduled bus to kickstart an eventful day!

To enhance the holiday atmosphere, the hotel has arranged a shuttle bus on the way to the stunning Repulse Bay beach. Not only can guests relax on the beach under the sun, they can also spend the afternoon at The Moroccan Moment with the pulse. For more adventure and action, go wakesurfing or challenge yourself in an escape game; for meditation and peace, relax with an acro yoga session.

After dark, enjoy the pulse of one of the exotic restaurants by the sea. The serene atmosphere is going to transport you outside of Hong Kong as if you were on a real vacation! Escape the stress of the day and return to the dazzling city at night – experience two different sensations in one holiday and end the day with a perfect tone.

Own a panoramic view of the beach in the Moroccan moment

The Get the Fun Up Staycation package includes several activities, and the most appealing is without a doubt The Moroccan Moment. It gives you and your loved ones a private space to enjoy the 180 ° view of Repulse Bay Beach, ideal for couples to spend quality time in a romantic atmosphere, for friends to take pictures without awkwardness in public, and for families and furry friends to to create heartwarming moments.

The Moroccan moment spans 4000 square meters and exudes exoticism. The arched entrance with climbing vines steals the show, its colors and style are a perfect representation of Moroccan architecture. As soon as you arrive, it is as if you stepped into a courtyard in Morocco with minimalist chandeliers, woven decorations and resting corners with tribal colors that radiate vibrant Moroccan vibes. The room boasts a 180 ° panoramic view of the sea, where the landscape changes during the day: the colors of the sea and the sky merge in daylight; and the sun goes down in the glittering golden sea in the evening.

Popular activities available: Something for everyone

A holiday is not complete without fun activities! As usual, Pulse has made a number of popular activities available. Whether your trip is a romantic getaway or a family outing, you are guaranteed to have a great time!


Wakesurfing has become hugely popular in recent years, among celebrities there are also a few hardcore wakesurfers. Surfers need to control the direction, speed and even special movements of the surf with pure body balance. Mastering a few impressive moves is not only to get likes on social media, but is also a way to push yourself. Many people are interested in trying wakesurfing, but could not because they lack enough people to rent a junk – do not wait any longer, now you can wakesurf during your stay!

Acro yoga session

Acro yoga involves a partner who incorporates fun, interaction, sociability and performativity. It is a hugely popular form of yoga in the West. Akroyoga incorporates acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage that relax both your body and your mind. This physical practice requires trust and cooperation from both you and your partner – stability from your body, energy and core is required, as well as a focused mind from both parties. Stretching and relaxing your muscles is based on trust between partners.

LOST Escape Game

The LOST escape venue occupies 10,000 square feet, with seven themed games rooms and each room of 200 to 300 square feet. Apart from the “escape the room” theme, which is exclusive to the pulse, there is also the brand new “role-playing game escape game”, ideal for the younger generation to challenge their minds. Juniors between the ages of 6 and 14 can participate in “Lost Junior”, which is tailored to this age group.

10 exotic restaurants that deliver a dining experience from abroad

Each restaurant by the pulse has a unique character and guarantees to make you feel as if you were abroad! For a Southeast Asian flare-up, Sip Song takes you to the streets of Bangkok, great for likes on social media; whereas Limewood delivers tropical beach moods, a fitting atmosphere to enjoy their barbecue and seafood delicacies.

If you’re looking for a European holiday, the loft-style Italian FRATELLI serves handmade pasta, while amalfitana gives you a taste of the handmade pizzas along the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. Another option is Classified, a cozy British eatery with sofa swings and stunning beach views.

Do you miss Japan? Shoku Binchotan Grill is perfect for Japanese barbecue. For something closer to home, Meen & Rice gives the classic Hong Kong noodles and rice dishes a new twist.

Smaller bites are available at HOOMAN, where you can order untraditional hot dogs for yourself and also something for your furry friends. Alternatively, grab a specialty coffee away from the Japanese cafe% ARABICA or THE COFFEE ACADEMICS and enjoy it as you stroll along the beach.

About The Emperor Hotel

~ Feel at home ~

The Emperor Hotel, consisting of 299 rooms with the ultimate in sleek design, excellent service and groundbreaking facilities, assures you that your stay would be unforgettable. Designed by the acclaimed Turkey-based design studio Autoban together with the prestigious French botanist Patrick Blanc, The Emperor Hotel embraces the integrity of sublime nature and modern aesthetics with its flourishing vertical garden and seamlessly modern interior design.

Details about the pulse x The Emperor Hotel Get the Fun Up Staycation


November 1, 2021 to January 30, 2022

(Not available for December 24-26, 2021 and December 31, 2021)


The Emperor Hotel: 373 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

pulse: Strandvej 28, Repulse Bay

Inquiries and reservations

3610 0088

For more details

Appendix: Details of the Get the Fun Up Staycation Package

HK $ 900 (including hotel service charge)

(Original price: HK $ 7,444)

Guaranteed free upgrade to Deluxe Room for one night

Breakfast for two at Monkey Café

· $ 500 heart rate coupons (can be used by spending $ 700)

· Free shuttle bus to and from the pulse

· 60 minutes experience at “The Moroccan moment” with the pulse

Other experiences

Add HK $ 300 (Monday to Friday) / HK $ 340 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

LOST escape game tickets x2

Add HK $ 900

60 minute Arco yoga session

(Up to 6 participants per session, feel free to invite friends)

Add HK $ 1,600

60 minute wakesurfing session

(Up to 6 participants per session, feel free to invite friends)

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