Papo invites authentic Portuguese street food to the heart of Paris

If Portuguese gastronomy is still not very present in the capital, Papo is determined to make a difference. Led by the passionate duo Morgane Thomas and Anissa Martinho, this new temple of Portuguese street food moved to the heart of Paris on October 7th. Originally, “papo” is the name of the typical Portuguese roll that is eaten at any time of the day. So to best stick to this definition, the address has the concept of returning to the tradition of making the “papo” into a bun with an ultra-soft crumb, filled with delicious ingredients picked up with care, eaten throughout the meal.

The place, located in a small booth with bright colors thought as a friendly counter, offers a short menu consisting of sandwiches made according to secret recipes handed down by Anissa’s husband’s grandmother. On the menu we then find sandwiches that include the famous well-ventilated bread and golden on top, garnished with a crunchy sukrine, a cheese straight from Portugal, vegetable pickes and various proteins, including a vendée yellow chicken surrounded by a breading of corn leaves, pulled farm pork from Gers marinated and cooked for 12 hours or even small cod fritters (collected directly in Portugal).

A vegetarian version is also available, consisting of the famous “feijoada”, a preparation made from beans typical of the country. Each sandwich is spiced with pili-pili pepper ketchup, in addition to savora mayonnaise, except for “Tosta Mista”, a Portuguese version of croque-monsieur. In addition to the delicious fritters offered as an accompaniment (with or without a spicy sauce depending on individual preferences), there is one of Portugal’s most emblematic desserts: “pastel de nata”, a pastry with puff pastry and ultra-smooth cream.

Papo, 217 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris 11.


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