The American rep. Jerry Carl presents bill to extend veterans’ freedom of health care – ‘I will continue to be a fighter for them in Washington’

The American rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) announced on Tuesday that he had introduced legislation to extend veterans’ flexibility in health care.

Carl’s bill, the Veterans Health Care Flexibility Act, would allow all veterans to receive care through the Veterans Community Care Program regardless of arbitrary standards. According to a statement, outside care veterans are currently allowed to receive restricted by having to qualify for certain criteria.

Among the list of current standards, veterans must have a need for a service that is not available at a medical facility at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Former service members must also live in an area that does not have a full-service VA medical facility. In addition, the current guidelines state that it should be in the veteran’s best interest to seek community care.

The South Alabama congressman claimed that veterans expressed their desire to see the VA health care system give them greater freedom to seek care of their choice.

“Last week, I hosted a round table with some Southern Alabama veterans to learn about different ways I can serve them in Congress,” Carl advised. “These veterans made it clear to me that it is past time to reform the VA health care system by giving veterans more control over the health care they are entitled to receive.”

He concluded: “With their concerns and recommendations in mind, I am proud to introduce the Veterans Health Care Flexibility Act, which will give veterans the flexibility to seek health care outside the VA system instead of being forced to travel long distances to a VA facilities or wait way too long to receive care.This legislation is just the first of many steps we will take to ensure our veterans get the quality of care they deserve.I am proud to represent so many veterans of Congress, and I will continue to be a fighter for them in Washington. ”

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