Theater in Lyon: The agenda of the week

Beruset © Olivier Frégaville

Lyon capital offers you a selection of plays to be discovered this week in theaters in Lyon and the metropolitan area. Seen from Wednesday 17 November.

© Martin Argyroglo

Farm Fatale

When the Croix-Rousse Theater turns into a farm. At the crossroads between performing arts and visual arts, director Philippe Quesne and his Franco-German team make people dream of a world where people decide to listen to finally hear the voices of the planet. A condemnation of the ravages of industrial agronomy.
From 17 to 19 November at the Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse

Beyond this limit, your ticket is no longer valid

A formidable theatrical adaptation signed by Julien Geskoff and Cécile Bournay, by Romain Gary’s novel. The problems of helplessness in the fifties are highlighted in the context of a capitalist society that denies our relationship to aging.
November 18 at the Jean-Marais Theater (Saint-Fons)

© Michel Cavalca


Contemporary playwright David Greig imagines another sequel Macbeth by Shakespeare. With a staging with several references through the centuries.
November 19 on the Toboggan (Décines-Charpieu)

© Raynaud de Lage

Between dog and wolf

Directed and directed by Christiane Jatahy inspired by the film Dogville by Lars von Trier, released in 2003. The program was scheduled to open the last Avignon festival, and the show shared critics as well as audiences. Your turn to judge!
From 20 November to 4 December on TNP (Villeurbanne)

Daniel Auteuil at Radiant

Breakfast in the air

He is a famous actor who comes to step on the boards of Radiant. Daniel Auteuil will introduce us to the work of Paul-Jean Toulet, the author of My friend Nane, accompanied by a guitarist and a pianist. So in complete privacy.
November 22 at Radiant (Caluire)

© Olivier Frégaville


We were able to see a phase in the creation of this show based on the powerful text of the Russian playwright Ivan Viripaev. Directed by the young Ambre Kahan, fourteen actors explore different situations (meeting, romantic quarrel, trip between friends, evening that could have been banal) that have in common living in alcoholic intoxication. Alcohol proves to be a strong reveal of each individual’s deep nature, but also of the state of our present world. To see without moderation.
From 23 to 27 November at Célestins

The World History of Your Soul, and theater series

Conceived by Enzo Cormann (author) and Philippe Delaigue (instruction), it is an original project held at the Renaissance Theater from November 23 to December 4.

Eight stories will be presented (microdramas, philosophical short stories, police investigation) in a kind of “theater series” that takes place in two seasons with four episodes each. A complete (Saturday, December 4) allows you to relive all the “episodes”.

From 23 November to 4 December at the Renaissance Theater, Oullins – And also : I dreamed of the revolution from 17 to 19 November, on the last days of Olympe de Gouges, revolutionary and feminist.


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