Toronto is preparing for yet another nationwide alarm test today

Virtually every electronic device in Canada with a link to the outside world is ringing out in a terrifying cacophony, while Alert Ready is preparing to implement a nationwide emergency alert today.

But before you panic and call the strange doomsday prepper you know on Facebook, take a deep breath and be sure that this auditory barrage is only a test meant to keep you and everyone else safe.

It may be just a test, but the whole Canada-wide blast from the National Public Alerting System will surely scare some ignorant about today’s test when televisions, radios and mobile devices emit shocking siren-like tones in chorus, simulating what Canadiere would hear in case of a large-scale emergency.

The tests will be performed at various times across provinces and territories, with Ontario’s alert to invade your ear canals at. 12:55 today.

You will likely be pulled out of your work trance or lunch break by an alarm tone known as the Canadian Alert Attention Signal, along with a reassuring message reminding everyone that this piercing alert is just a test.

Alert Ready tests the national public alarm system twice a year, although it is difficult to get used to these ominous warnings, even with such regularity. Canadians can not opt ​​out of the tests or warnings, but you can minimize the damage to your eardrums this afternoon by turning off or turning off devices.

“Performing regular tests allows us to better educate Canadians about the Alert Ready system, and it allows us to validate that the system works from end to end,” says Martin Bélanger, Director of Public Alerting at Pelmorex Corp., the company with responsibility for the technical infrastructure of the Alert Ready system.

If you are unsure of your device’s compatibility (and actually want your phone to scream at you today), you can always contact your wireless service provider or visit Alert Ready also has one Twitter page where you can track ongoing updates on the latest test.


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