5 Reasons to Go to the Planted Expo, Vancouver’s Vegan Convention

Red Da Sea

Credit: Save Da Sea

You’ll find plant-based food, skin care and robots at the Vancouver Convention Center on November 20 and 21

Living a plant-based lifestyle is most often associated with diet (Where do you get your protein? hear all vegans, every day, ever), but therea world beyond salad and impossible burgers. This weekends Planted Expo at the Vancouver Convention Center is packed with local and international vendors selling sustainably and ethically manufactured goods, such as skin care offerings, hair products and candles. Thereis also a food waste video game. What?

Here are five things to check out at the event, which runs on November 20th and 21st. You can get tickets here.

Trenditech Planted ExpoTrenditech

An AI-powered food waste stand made from shipping containers

Vancouver-based robot technology startup Trenditech is about innovative solutions for food waste and upcycling, and it‘s brings a cool factor to Planted Expo with an augmented reality speed camera and its Food Rescuer mobile video game. The companys condition is also environmentally friendly – its made from recycled shipping containers by Montreal-based Steel Space Concepts.

Foodstash Planted ExpoFoodstash Rescued Food Market

2. A talk about food insecurity in Vancouver

Carla Pellegrini, CEO of the Food Stash Foundation, will talk about food waste and local food insecurity issues (and what we can do to address them – like this zero-waste, pay-what-you-feel market, for example).

Red Da Sea Planted ExpoRed Da Sea

Vegan smoked salmon that is actually good

Victoria-based Save Da Sea shares its plant-based alternative to smoked salmon – the main ingredient is carrots, but younever know.

Nena Skincare Planted ExpoNena Skin Care

4. Plant-based skin care and hair care

Nena skin care from Richmond and Vancouver‘s Faceplant Organic Skincare serves luxurious skin solutions that are ethically produced, while Langley-based Nuez Acres and Noughty Haircare, headquartered in the UK, will showcase their vegan hair care.

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Boosh Foods Planted ExpoBoosh Foods

5. Vegan KD that you can have on the shelf

Boosh, the presenting sponsor of Planted Expo, launches its brand new, plant-based mac and cheese – especially not KD, but perhaps the vegan childhood favorite of the future? The rest of the Surrey company‘s hot-and-eat meals will also show up.

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