AJ Brown opens up about past mental health issues


Stacey Mickles | 1 hour ago

The topic of mental health and mental health awareness has come to the fore a lot recently in the NFL, especially with the news of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley taking time off from the team to take care of his health issues.

Well, another NFL wide receiver and former SEC player has to decide to open up about his problems, and that’s Tennessee Titans wideout AJ Brown.

The former Ole Miss recipient opened up about his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I posted the video because I wanted to encourage others to seek help when they are down,” he said. “I did not consider what depression really was. I grew [up] just to brush my emotions off and it got the best out of me. I just wanted to send a positive message that I am still here, I am growing, I am blessed and I have a lot to be grateful for. ”

ESPN’s Turron Davenport further elaborated that Brown thanked his coaches, family and former Rebels teammate Elijah Moore for helping him through the tough times.

He also urged other men not to be ashamed to talk about their problems.

“Us as men, our emotions are not worried too much,” Brown said. “Get things off your chest. It’s ok to talk to someone. Seek help. You have to take care of your brain just like you take care of your body.”

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