Algeria. Hospitalized in Paris, Kenza Kacel died without being able to hug her family

Kenza Kacel had a wish before he left: to end his life with his family. This Thursday, November 18, this 24-year-old Algerian, terminally ill, hospitalized in Paris, without being able to hug his father and brother one last time for whom France had banned visas (see our editions). Only his mother had been able to come to France with the status of companion.

Kenza died peacefully this morning, relatives of the family have learned.

Kenza Kacel, originally from the village of Aït Salah in the Azazga region, had for several years suffered from Hodgkin’s disease, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, one of the components of the immune system.

A huge outpouring of generosity in Algeria had made it possible to collect more than 250,000 euros in a few days, the sum of the treatment.

When she arrived in France in 2016 for treatment, she had resumed her studies in Paris for a while after obtaining a matriculation examination in Algeria before the disease overtook her.

“During those six years of chemotherapy, I thought about my family, I imagined they were present with me, as before.”, Kenza testified a few days ago. Unfortunately, a call for help was unheard of.

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