Antonio Brown’s former chef claims Brown has been given a fake vaccination card

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Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown has long been on time to do something stupid.

According to Rick Stroud from Tampa Bay Times, Brown’s former live-in chef claims that Brown applied for and secured a fake COVID vaccination card.

Steven Ruiz apparently shares his story because he claims that Brown, who has a history of not paying his bills, owes Ruiz $ 10,000.

Ruiz has been texting since early July pretending to reflect an effort by Brown through his girlfriend, Cydney Moreau, to secure fake $ 500 vaccination cards. Ruiz said he was unable to find a fake vaccination card and that Brown showed Ruiz fake vaccination cards that Brown had purchased a few weeks later. Ruiz claims he saw the fake vaccination cards a few days before the start of Buccaneer’s training camp.

That same night, Alex Guerrero (same Alex Guerrero as the one who developed the TB12 method with Tom Brady) showed up at Brown to photograph Brown’s vaccination card, according to Ruiz. Guerrero, as explained by Stroud, regularly served as the person who photographed vaccination cards to be sent to Buccaneer coach Bobby Slater. Via Stroud, Ruiz said he believes Guerrero did not know the card was fake.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Stroud that the teams are responsible for verifying staff and player vaccination status. The use of a fake vaccination card by a player, per. McCarthy, will be reviewed under the Personal Behavior Policy. Brown would be considered a repeat offender; last year he was suspended eight matches under the policy of several off-field incidents.

Brown tested positive for COVID early in the season. He missed the week three competition against the Rams because of it and was absent from the team for a full 10 days.

Buccaneers and Brown’s agent declined to comment on Stroud’s story. McCarthy also did not specifically say that the league is investigating Brown or the Buccaneers.

This strange story is now becoming more strange. Instead of hiring a lawyer to get the $ 10,000 that Brown allegedly owes Ruiz, Ruiz reached out to “Hollywood fixer” Kevin Blatt. Per Stroud, Blatt called Buccaneers General Counsel Dan Malasky on October 18 and told him that the Buccaneers have a problem with fake vaccination cards.

Blatt insisted to Stroud that Blatt did not ask for payment to make the story disappear, acknowledging that it would be extortion. However, it is unclear what Blatt wanted from the Buccaneers, if not money for Ruiz in exchange for Ruiz keeping quiet. Either way, the call alerted Buccaneers that they may have a problem with fake vaccination cards. The NFL will definitely be interested to know what they did next.

On November 8, Brown’s attorney contacted Ruiz in an attempt to resolve the dispute. Ruiz said he wanted the money he owed. Ruiz never heard back from Burstyn, and 10 days later we are here.

Where we go from here will definitely be interesting.

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