Arrival of cold polar air – Temperature drops, snow on the plains and the episode of the Mediterranean: a first offensive in the winter, several scenarios considered

The models are not yet accurate enough, but one thing is for sure, winter is on its way. And this from next week.

That is it ! Winter came! After one fall particularly mild, winter is settling in the metropolitan area of ​​France. All “thanks” to a lot ofpolar cold air which was to reach our territory this Monday. “A cold front is expected along the coasts Some this Sunday morning with shifts in the wind in the northern sector. This cold front does not appear to be particularly active with light to moderate rainfall, but it is especially the cold air behind it that will begin to lower temperatures. “, details The Weather Channel.

Suddenly, after a generally very mild and sunny weekend France will witness a sudden drop in temperatures. TO Perpignanfor example, it should be around 17 degrees this Saturday. And … 10 degrees cooler the following Thursday. At risk ofhard weather on the edge of the Mediterranean this Monday.

Mediterranean basin under surveillance

The northern part of the country should necessarily be more affected. A first offensive in cold weather, several scenarios for forecasters. But a trend that is starting to emerge with one net cooling, more markedly from Thursday in the north. “A humid northerly current would develop over the land with a probability of snow in the plains. In this configuration, the weather will always remain under surveillance over the Mediterranean with potentially heavy rain and snow in the interior. At low altitude.”, warns The Weather Channel.

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