Best TV series aired in just two seasons – ‘Twin Peaks’ ‘Timeless’ ‘Agent Carter’

With the announcement of its revival for a third season, Fasten down may eventually lose its admired place on TVLine’s best two-season broadcast rankings, which has been freshly updated and revisited since its original release.

Why this list, in addition to our ranking of One-Season Wonders? To be honest, it is rare for a series to be renewed for another season and then canceled before it reaches season 3. You would think if a network bothered to renew a show, they would keep at it for a while, right? However, this is not always the case – especially if you are ABC, which was home to nine of our Top 30. (HBO came with five entries in total.)

As a result, the two-season show is truly a strange bird, with many cult favorites happily remembered landing among its ranks.

What two-season shows are our favorites? TVLine presents this updated list of what, in our overall opinion, are the Top 30 two-and-done that have ever been aired. In fact, this ranking includes some of our favorite shows over time.


♦ The TVLine staff’s personal choice for the best two-season shows ever!

♦ We did not include UK series, so those who like The End of the F *** ing World, Fleabag and Fawlty Towers was does not justified.

♦ Something like Twin Peaks: The Return we considered a miniseries sequel and does not a proper season 3, so the cult classic qualified.

Check out our rankings below, then click on the comments to tell us your favorites and point out any gems from two seasons you personally would include!

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