COVID-19: UK reports the highest number of daily coronavirus infections in a month, with 199 deaths recorded | UK News

The UK has recorded more than 46,000 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours – the highest number in almost a month.

A total of 46,807 COVID cases were reported in the UK in the previous 24 hours, according to the government’s website on Thursday.

It is the highest daily rate of infections since October 22, when 49,298 people tested positive for COVID.

Infections have increased in 83% of 377 local areas across the UK

A total of 277,261 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the last seven days – an increase of 35,058, corresponding to an increase of 14.5%.

Data released Thursday also revealed that 199 people had died within 28 days of a positive test.

In the last seven days, 1,026 people have died, 112 fewer than in the previous week, corresponding to a decrease of 9.8%.

Cases have increased in 314 (83%) of 377 local areas across the UK, the data showed.

Torridge, Devon has experienced the highest increase with 602 new cases in the week up to November 14 – equivalent to 876.0 per. 100,000 people, more than double 433.7 the week before.

It is followed by Mid Ulster in Northern Ireland, up from 421.6 to 783.5 per capita. 100,000 with 1,167 new cases.

Third, the Causeway Coast and Glens, also in Northern Ireland, which have registered 1,122 new cases, are up from 477.4 to 774.1 per year. 100,000.

The increase in cases comes when 88.1% of the population, almost 51 million people, have received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, while more than 46 million, corresponding to 80.1% of the population, have also received their second jab .

A total of 13,879,311 have received their booster or third dose of jab – med the rollout is moving at a “significant pace“, Jonathan Van-Tam, the government’s deputy chief medical officer, said on Monday.

Professor Neil Ferguson, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Emergencies (SAGE), said The UK is “unlikely” to experience a “catastrophic winter wave” of COVID cases that could lead to a Christmas shutdown – but warned: “We can not be complacent.”

It will come as cases increase across Europe – with Germany is considering restrictions for those who are unvaccinated, in the midst of fears of a “really awful Christmas”.

Austria imposed a blockade on unvaccinated citizens earlier this week.

And the Netherlands returned to a partial lockdown after an increase in infections, which sparked protests.

Those over 40 can now receive a booster jab
Those over 40 have been invited to receive a booster jab

Meanwhile, new figures from the UK Health Safety Agency (HSA) show an increase in COVID cases among school children in the UK – with 722.9 cases registered per child. 100,000 students aged five to nine a week up to November 14, up from 484.5.

The rate for 10 to 19-year-olds is 694.2, up from 571.7 per.

Cases across people aged 20 to 59 have increased, although the increase is smaller.

Meanwhile, the number of infections has dropped for people aged 60 and over.

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