Fairview Park City Council is considering a home flood relief program

FAIRVIEW PARK, Ohio – Heavy rains leading to flooded homes are finding cities in northeastern Ohio searching for answers.

In Fairview Park, where nearly 60 homes, located mostly north of Lorain Road, reported flooding on Oct. 8, the city council is considering a home flood relief program.

“There are many layers to flooding,” said Fairview Park Mayor Patrick Cooney. “There are things that the city needs to do from an infrastructure and from a maintenance point of view – short-term and long-term solutions. But also because it’s a complicated issue, there are sometimes things that the homeowner can do. Some of it can be a simple one. solution, and some of it may be more complex.

“If the municipality adopts this executive order, Mackay Engineering and a representative from the city will meet with residents to review what they have and talk about some steps they can mitigate their exposure to. Depending on the success of the program, we can expand it.”

At a cost of $ 41,200 (approximately six hours per property for the first 57 homes), the city will hire Mackay Engineering and Surveying Company engineers or project managers to review flood questionnaires with homeowners, suggest repairs, and discuss solutions to address the flood problem.

The engineer / designer will provide the homeowner with a copy of the brochure for mitigating wet and flooded basements as well as a checklist of recommended solutions.

“Every situation is unique,” Cooney said. “There can be different reasons why people experience these problems. It could be on our side, on their side, a combination of both. We’re just looking for ways to help people and find ways to mitigate and ultimately stop the problem. . “

The city’s current efforts include investigating the sanitary flow as well as planning the purchase of a sewer cleaning jet suction and upgrading pumping stations.

The mayor said that when it comes to flooded residents, he is pity given his experiences.

“I lived in a home where the basement was flooded,” Cooney said. “It’s a very uneasy feeling and it’s hit or miss. Sometimes there is heavy rain and no floods. When I see puddles in my backyard, I typically know there may be a problem. That’s why I like soft rain for a long time.

“But I understand that. These solutions are not fast enough for these residents. I understand if they have a problem and want it solved as soon as possible. We are working on it. We have worked on it and we will continue to work. on it.”

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