Have you tasted Beaujolais Nouveau? Hear him now!

“One evening the soul of the wine sang in the bottles,” Baudelaire wrote, letting us imagine the melody. Caroline Bourjade and Marco Busetta took him at his word: they put Beaujolais Nouveau to music. Their joint concept, Le 5e Sens du Vin, was born in the Lyon studio ATS Studios, specializing in audio marketing. And it was by removing the stopper of the first bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau 2021, on Thursday 18 November, that Alain Coulas, director of ATS Studios, announced “the creation of a new profession: music oenology, which is the alliance between pleasure in wine and pleasure in sound ”.

Caroline Bourjade is therefore the leading music oenologist in France: a logical alliance for this specialist in music and oenology, who points out “that in these two worlds we talk about harmony, notes, attacks, finals … C ‘was our original intuition to make wine heard ”.

Approaching a wine by hearing

Because wine can be smelled, tasted and even stirred in the mouth. But do you hear that? “Our concept is to stimulate hearing at the same time as the other four senses, to make wine speak in a new, original and striking way,” she explains. Sound has an influence on the cognitive, physiological and emotional level: it complements the analytical language that we want of a wine. “

Glass in hand, we taste Beaujolais Nouveau, while listening to Marco Busetta’s music, festive, rhythmic, as the lively primeur evokes: “Beaujolais is a fruity wine that must remain simple, so the orchestration is simple: a bassoon, a cello, a clarinet with dialogue, details about the composer. To translate the floors, I worked with the rhythm; for the color of the wine, on the stamps. And I chose sounds that are similar to the frequency of these colors. “

Tastings and analyzes precede the composition

Le 5e Sens du Vin is the result of a long partnership: Caroline Bourjade went to taste a panel of wines representative of the Beaujolais appellation and visited vineyards to establish “organoleptic profiles and find common characteristics”. She then transferred her analyzes to Marco Busetta orally to communicate her feelings. “Then we exchanged views throughout the creation, to refine the composition and check if all the elements of the wine can be heard in the music,” clarifies the music oenologist.

“This music, revealed today, reflects the identity of Beaujolais Nouveau 2021 in general.” The composer adds: “We also tell the story: these Beaujolais Nouveau come from different terroirs, each plot evoking different emotions.

Beaujolais Nouveau 2021 music can be listened to on the ATS Studios website, with or without a bottle: “the interest in a sound cellar”, smiles Alain Coulas, “is that it can be consumed without moderation.”

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