Illegal border funnel from Cairns seed NT COVID-19 emergency

“Although there were compassionate reasons for her decision to visit Victoria, there were no compassionate reasons to lie to the territory and get here from a hotspot,” said Mr. Gunner on Facebook back then.


“She has been fined $ 5,024 and she will also pay for her $ 2,500 stay in Howard Springs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Do not lie. Do not be selfish.

Mr. Gunner has also mistakenly identified the woman as a sex worker. The post was changed and he apologized.

When she spoke to NTNews about the error, the woman said she was “so eager at the moment” and that it was “not good for my mental health” to be in Howard Springs quarantine.

Queensland and South Australian police could not say whether she had been or would be fined in their jurisdictions. SA was still investigating almost a month later.

“Cluster One,” as it became known, leveled to three cases on November 6th.

The 19 NT cases she sowed in the new “cluster two”, all of Aborigines, have been flown to the Howard Springs quarantine facility outside Darwin along with their close contacts. One of the cases was at the hospital and received oxygen.

Mr. Gunner said 49 people had been removed from the Robinson River, about 800 miles southeast of Katherine. Of the community’s 220 official residents, close to 95 percent were identified as Aborigines in the 2016 census.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael GunnerCredit:Alex Ellinghausen

Sir. Gunner said high vaccination rates in Robinson River had been crucial to the positive overnight result.


“There are only 15 people left to receive a first dose and I understand they all want to be vaccinated today,” he said.

Acting Chief Health Officer Charles Pain said infections had been detected across three households, but it was likely they would detect more.

Many remote communities in the territory are strongly connected by families and cultural obligations. People move regularly and often over great distances.

Along with low vaccination rates in some communities, particularly in central Australia and the Barkly region, high mobility remained a major threat.

Federal Health Secretary Greg Hunt on Wednesday activated part of the Biosecurity Act to prevent people from leaving or entering the Robinson River and surrounding homelands except for essential purposes.

Dr. Pain, however, said the new Cluster 2 emergency seemed to cut through vaccination dust and complacency.

“I feel like we’ve turned the corner. I feel like people really understand,” he said. “There are still communities where prices are low – and we can only repeat these requests for people to sign up – but there is a huge effort underway.”

Nearly half of the Robinson River and the Katherine eruption were family members of Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy.

“I’ve talked to a lot of my cousins ​​who’s at the Howard Springs facility,” she said Sky News on Thursday.

“Of course they know they’re in the right place. It’s a difficult time and an anxious time for them. But they sound much better.

“My sister, when I spoke to her for the first time yesterday, which was so good to hear her voice, she is slowly recovering. But look, it’s still a little early. ”

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