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Children are encouraged to be creative at the comic book camp.

Children are encouraged to be creative at the comic book camp.

Creative kids of the Mountains will soon be able to hone their comic book skills.

Cartoon Kingdom will be hosting a weekend of workshops at 1st Springwood Scouts, Faulconbridge, on 11 and 12 December.

The program is aimed at children aged four to 16 – and will be divided into juniors, intermediate and seniors.

It is packed with a variety of fun activities including art and animation, cartooning, original royal games, treasure hunts, adventure, dress up, sports activities and more.

There will also be an exciting Saturday night program where children will learn anime, manga and play high energy games like “Murder in the Dark”.

Cartoon Kingdom’s Danny Cohen was told when he was younger that he would never make a career out of art. His comic book career is proof that you can, not just in Australia, but across the globe.

“If you enjoy doing an activity in life and you have a natural ability to do it, then you should embrace that gift and pursue your interest and turn that hobby into a career or profession,” he said.

Cartoon Kingdom started 38 years ago when Mr Cohen was teaching students in the garage of his parents’ home in Sydney.

The cartoon camps continued to grow, and Mr. Cohen added more activities to mix things up.

Today, the camps are held in cities around the country and abroad.

“We are international now, why should this particular comic book experience be limited to Australia only,” Mr Cohen said.

Cohen has a loyal following of students in Singapore, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Visit and click the Cartoon Camp button in the middle of the page for more information, including fees and a complete activity plan.

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