Lucky’s Tale Surprise is released on Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Rift launch title – and one of the first VR-exclusive games ever – Lucky’s Tale is now available on Quest 2.

Developer Playful Corp Surprise-released the game on the standalone platform today for $ 19.99. It’s a remastered version of the original title that shares the same content as the original, but has improved light and performance, remixed sound, and Lucky’s character model and animations are taken from the non-VR sequel, Super Lucky’s Tale. Watch a trailer below.

Lucky’s Tale Quest 2 Port released

Other than that, this is the full game on Quest 2. Lucky’s Tale is a third-person platform game with an isometric perspective similar to non-VR games like Super Mario 3D World or, for the VR-initiated, Moss and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. You control Lucky by using the sticks on the Oculus Touch controllers, jumping over holes and defeating opponents with a spin attack.

We’ve been hands-on with the game over the last few days – see a graphics comparison between the Quest 2 port and the PC VR original below.

Since it is an Oculus Rift launch title, the game was originally played with an Xbox gamepad, but was updated to support Oculus Touch controllers via the buttons. It was also included for free for the first people to buy a Rift way back in 2016.

Playful confirmed that the game does not support cross-purchases in the Oculus Store, and there are no plans for an Oculus Quest 1 version of the game. This makes Lucky’s Tale one of a growing number of games leaving behind the original Quest, joining Resident Evil 4, Blade And Sorcery and this week’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

Are you going to download Lucky’s Tale on Quest 2? Tell us in the comments below! If you’re looking for more about the game, check out our in-depth look at the making of the game from Blake Harris right here.

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