Lyon. L5, Willy Denzey, Larusso … This concert brings your favorite stars of the 2000s back on stage

The trip
The “Back to Basic” tour, which puts the stars of the 2000s back on stage, arrives in Lyon (Rhône) in 2022. (© DR)

Did you love dancing to “Le mur du Son” by Willy Denzey, the tribal king, Slaï, L5 or even “Ces soirées-là” by Yannick?

Did you like wearing skirts over jeans, wear tops, baggys or even “headgear”, the bandanas under caps?

We will not judge you.

On the contrary, we offer you a moment of nostalgia: on January 29, 2022, the “Back to Basic” tour puts its suitcases in Tony-Garnier Hall in Lyon (Rhône). A first in France according to the organization. The tour started in 2019 before being postponed due to Covid-19.

Music and styles … Old fashioned

For one night, the stars of the 2000s return to the stage. We will (re) make the presentations for you. An artist, a song.

No Lorie, Alizée, Benoit or Billy Crawford on the horizon …

A dress code is planned: the 2000s, of course. “Style your hair and makeup to be as offbeat as possible” suggests the organization.

Bad news for the few hidden lovers: Tecktonik is not planned in the trip.

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