Miscellaneous – Justice | Marseille: eleven people convicted of drug smuggling in Les Oliviers (13th)

By La Provence (with AFP)

Eleven people accused of taking part in drug smuggling in the city of Olives (13th), one of the biggest “plunge plans” in Marseille, were today convicted by the criminal court, up to six years closed to a network feeders.

The six main actors in the network, the “feeders” according to the prosecution, they were sentenced to sentences of four to six years in prison, most of which were banned from going to Bouches-du-Rhône for five years.

The three “nurses” who kept the drugs, two women in their thirties and fifties, were sentenced to three years in prison, including two years probation, and to serve their fixed sentences at home under electronic bracelets. It was among other things in their apartments that the police seized cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy at a market value of 1.5 million euros.

One of the defendants, absent, was sentenced to 18 months in prison and an arrest warrant was issued against him in accordance with the prosecutor’s requests.

“Their anchoring in traffic seems such that no verdict seems to be able to exclude them”, apologized to the prosecutor, Magali Raffaele, and noted that most of the defendants are “repeat offenders” for whom “choosing a legal activity will always be less profitable”.

This Olives agreement point, which the police discovered in 2019, received more than 1,000 customers every day, from 10.00 to kl. 4.00, for a daily turnover estimated at 50,000 euros, the judge recalled.

The prosecutor also noted this“After each wave of arrests, businesses begin to function again, the jailed protagonists are replaced, and network leaders continue to manage their affairs from their detention center.”.

Today, the Marseille prosecutor’s office announced in a press release a new wave of arrests in this same city in the 13th arrondissement, a dismantling that is part of “as a follow-up to the investigations launched after the numerous settlements committed during last summer”.

According to prosecutor Dominique Laurens, the Oliviers A network is one of the most active in Marseille, now generating a daily turnover of 80,000 euros.

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