Omidyar Network India captures the stories of some of the country’s most daring entrepreneurs

By focusing on entrepreneurs and innovators driven by passion to find solutions for the underprivileged and underrepresented, Omidyar Network India presents stories about these daring entrepreneurs through their newly launched video series titled ‘The Bold Ones – Innovating for the Next Half Billion.’

A collection of 11 short videos, the series captures powerful stories of entrepreneurs building for the over 500 million Indians coming online for the first time via their mobile phones, a segment often referred to as ‘Next Half Billion’ or NHB.

“The show is a tribute to the power of what every Native American is capable of building and achieving, and we hope this will also help inspire budding entrepreneurs to build more inclusive solutions,” says Rohan Vyavaharkar, Director, Marketing and Communications at Omidyar Network India.

The brain behind

Gathers the creative power of producer, entrepreneur and four-time Emmy winner Francis Lyons; former global innovation manager at CNN Ben Marks; future director Mriidu Khosla; and Gruff Animation, a studio that has worked with famed American filmmaker Tim Burton; #TheBoldOnes pays homage to the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship and heartwarming stories of ordinary people who dared to dream. These stories unfold in the form of nine-minute interviews that capture their personal and professional struggles and eventual victories while building technology-led innovations that create deep social impact.

“The challenges that each of our professions face are facing tens of thousands of people every day. From limited access to information and capital to inadequate education and unreliable public transport, these issues affect us all, whether we recognize it or not. Yet “The few of us commit our careers and lives to finding sustainable solutions to these problems. The Bold Ones are our efforts to both recognize and humanize the innovators who do it,” says Francis.

According to the filmmaker, what makes #TheBoldOnes stand out is the “varied journeys, motivations and even personal vulnerabilities that these heroes in real life have endured in pursuit of ‘unique’ solutions to common but critical problems.”

Promote social influence on a large scale

The video interviews are mixed with archive footage and animation to bring stories out in an engaging way. Each story raises awareness of the issues facing the NHB and shows how tech-led ventures can address these problem areas. The overall goal is to pay tribute to these entrepreneurs, who are helping to create a meaningful life for every Native American; and to inspire young professionals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with resilience and commitment to create a sustainable socio-economic impact.

The stories in the series are a mix of for-profit and non-profit startups in different sectors such as education (Doubtnut, Vedantu), financial inclusion (Indifi), emerging technology (IntrCity, Bijak, Credr), governance and citizen involvement (E-Gov) and property rights (Transerve, FES, Sitara).

“The Bold Ones may show only part of our profit and non-profit portfolio, but embody the spirit of every entrepreneur who innovates for NHB,” adds Rohan.

Omidyar Network India works with private, non-profit and public sector entrepreneurs who tackle India’s toughest and most chronic problems, focusing on promoting empowerment and social impact on a large scale. #TheBoldOnes is one step ahead in the same direction.

The 11-part series is live In addition, the series is also available on Omidyar Network India’s official website and social media.

Watch the videos below:


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