Paul Gosar boasts of his ‘Thug Life’ confession as his own family demands his postponement due to violent murder video

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) seems to be enjoying the backlash over his decision to share a violent murder fantasy on Twitter, even after the move got him formally censored by Parliament.

Just hours after he was stripped of all committee duties on Wednesday, the Republican from Arizona took to Gettr to share a meme that boasted that he had been given some sort of “thug life” cred. The “Gosar Life” memo featured a photo of the legislator wearing dark sunglasses and an oversized gold chain on top of him – along with a suspected joint sticking out of his mouth.

He wrote the memo “Can’t Hold Me Down” and in an accompanying video, he accused the Democrats of trying to “take my America First agenda away.” It was not immediately clear what “America First Agenda” had to do with the anime video he shared depicting him murdering Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

He has refused to apologize for sharing the video and blamed his own staff for posting the violent clip, which he claimed was an innocent depiction of a “political struggle”.

He then retweeted the video late Wednesday, although his own family condemned him for it – where his brother called for his deportation and even hinted at charges of criminal acts.

“I think he’s dangerous, independent and ruthless,” Tim Gosar told MSNBC in the wake of Parliament’s criticism. “And is there anyone who, as I have said before, should not only be censored, but he should be expelled.”

He said a criminal charge should be brought if the authorities deem it justified.

“To be honest with you, it’s time,” Jennifer Gosar told MSNBC, calling the anime video her brother shared “creepy” and “bone-chilling.”

She said the video marked an “escalation” in the legislature’s inflammatory jokes, noting that “this is not the first time my brother has threatened the lives of lawmakers.”

Several of Paul Gosar’s siblings have spoken out against him in recent years as he has gone further and further off track. Just a month after inciting Trump supporters ahead of the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6 and allegedly offering a “comprehensive pardon” to Stop the Steal organizers, Gosar spoke at a far-right, white-nationalist convention.

He was directly accused of orchestrating the attempted Capitol uprising by three of his siblings, including Jennifer and Tim Gosar, in a video broadcast on Fox News this year calling for “criminal consequences.”


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