The Rock shares his advice for an effective dumbbell bench press

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson underwent a drastic muscle transformation this year in preparation for his superhero debut in DC’s Black Adam film – which is impressive considering how jacked the actor already was. He has described the process as the most physically demanding experience of his entire career to date, and even though he filmed on Black Adam now that he has finished, he still makes sure that he gets the most gains out of every single workout.

Johnson has just shared a clip on Instagram of his workout on his chest and shared an insight into how he grew his massive breasts. In the video, he can be seen performing a dumbbell bench press with emphasis on a slow and controlled lowering motion, ensuring that each eccentric motion lasts 3 seconds.

By using these counts down to increase the time his muscles spend under tension, he enables him to get a higher quality eccentric contraction, making each repetition more effective and helping him get maximum value for money. He does these at 120 pounds, in sets of 10 reps at a time.

“To break down the pec fibers,” he wrote. “Great session. Tear it up, tear it down.”

Unlike other exercises, when using this eccentric technique, it is more important to focus on contraction of the pants than on the range of motion or full extension of the arms below the upper end of the lift.

“The shoulders have to stay behind the chest to activate the chest, which The Rock does a really good job with,” says Men’s health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel CSCS. “It pushes his chest through a full contraction when he pushes up and holds.”

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