Toronto has just got its first Shiba Inu themed restaurant

If you love precious fluffy Shiba Inu dogs, poke and bubble tea, Toronto has just got a restaurant that will feel like it was created for you.

Shiba Inu Poke has just opened and they serve Hawaiian-inspired poke bowls and Korean-inspired boba tea.

The food looks tasty, but the decor put the cute in exaggeration: There’s a cute Shiba Inu outside and on the sign, and they’re all over the walls too, drinking boba tea and flying through the room.

Not to mention, there are also all kinds of Shiba Inu plush. It’s like, which Shiba Inu should you take a selfie with first ?!

The menu carries the theme through with rice shaped like a Shiba Inu in their bowls and “Shiba Boba.”

“Shiba Poke” includes options like the Shiba Bowl for $ 17.45 with roasted salmon, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, cucumber, edamame, spring mix, kimchi, sesame seeds, green onions, corn, nori, pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds and crispy onions.

They also offer a “Shiba Pizza” in the form of a Shiba Inu for $ 4.50 topped with brown sugar tapioca.

You can also build your own poke bowl, and a wide variety of beverages include options like mango matcha boba, grass jelly milky, strawberry cheesecake boba, peach orange lemongrass, green tea cheese foam and dalgona latte with boba.

The restaurant comes to us from the same people behind restaurants with similar “viral” themes Poop Cafe and Unicorn Cafe.

“We love Shiba Inu,” owner Lien Nguyen told blogTO. “We also have a seven-month-old Shiba named Max at home.”

Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed of hunting dogs. They are small to medium in size, alert, agile and known for their boxed faces, pointed little ears, curly tails and golden fur.

They have also become the face of the “doge” meme that has been popular on the internet for ages now (it even had a cryptocurrency named after it).

So far, this appears to be Toronto’s first Shiba Inu restaurant, and it just opened on November 16 at 245A Kennedy Ave. and Bloor West Villahe.


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