Toronto police officer shared confidential information with son ‘contributing’ to London murder of Bill Horace, disciplinary documents claim

A Toronto police officer passed information from a confidential police database to his son and “contributed” by making it to the murder of a man in London last year, it is alleged in disciplinary documents provided to CTV News Toronto.

The allegation is contained in a series of disciplinary court documents outlining the police law indictments filed against It. Art. Trevor Gregory.

The non-criminal charges were filed in December 2020, months after 44-year-old Bill Horace was fatally shot during an invasion of his home in London.

Gregory’s son, 22-year-old Keiron Gregory, is charged with second-degree murder in that shooting and is currently awaiting trial.

Officer accused of driving plates

According to the disciplinary documents obtained by CTV News Toronto, Trevor Gregory, a 53rd Division officer with more than 21 years of service, was off work on June 20, 2020, when he received a phone call from his son shortly after midnight and told him that he had been “swindled for a large sum of money.”

The documents indicate that Gregory’s son continued to provide license plate information to the suspect.

It is alleged that Gregory then started sending messages to police officers asking them to drive the plates, explaining that it belonged to a “strange car crawling through my bonnet.”

When he received no response, it is alleged that Gregory called the 53rd Division and was able to “trick” a co-officer into conducting a database check.

The officer, in turn, gave Gregory the results, which included the name and address of the registered owner.

The documents say Gregory hung up and within minutes contacted his son and agreed to meet him in the backyard of his residence.

A day later, police responded to a call about a home invasion of the residence attached to the vehicle and found Horace dead.

Keiron Gregory was arrested almost a month later.

The documents indicate that a forensic authorization carried out on his mobile phone at the time revealed a picture of a piece of paper which contained the personal information of the registered owner of the vehicle on which Gregory had requested a database check.

“You wrote the information from this request, containing the license plates registered owner’s information, on a piece of paper. You provided the information from this request to your son without permission to do so,” the disciplinary documents allege. release of confidential information, a killing occurred on Sunday, June 21, 2020 in the registered owner’s residence in London, Ontario. “

Disciplinary documents claim that Gregory originally told an investigator from the London Police Service that he had a colleague ask for the license plate because he had seen the vehicle drive slowly past his house.

But the documents say Gregory actually “produced” that detail and eventually admitted the same thing during the same interview with London police.

London police later charged Gregory with a criminal breach of trust, although the allegations have not yet been tested in court.

“Your disclosure of confidential information to your son contributed to the victim’s death,” police documents claimed. “Your actions were in violation of the Toronto Police Service Standards of Conduct, Policy and Procedures.”

Trevor Gregory is currently suspended on pay under the terms of the Police Services Act.

The disciplinary case against him has been put on hold pending the resolution of the criminal case he is facing in London.


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