Ultimechs is an upcoming competitive mech VR title from Resolution Games

Resolution Games leans further into competitive VR with Ultimechs, where you pilot mechanics in a ball-scoring sports arena.

Resolution Games has leaned into what VR can do in a competitive environment, and it leans even further with the unveiling of its next game, Ultimechs. The VR-focused studio showcased its latest game, and it will get players piloting mechanics in a sports arena to try to score goals on their opponent in a fast-paced rocket-punching gameplay.

Resolution Games revealed the first look at Ultimechs in a press release on its website and an accompanying trailer on November 18, 2021. Ultimechs puts players in the cockpit of a large-scale machine. In battle against another mechanic in a sports arena, players will use these futuristic machines to try to score goals on their opponent using unique tools like rocket shots to try to score their goals. Resolution Games only had the unveiling and teaser to show right now, but more details will be revealed in the coming months.

Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm was thrilled to give viewers a look at the next project on his studio board.

“With Ultimechs, we’ve created a whole new gameplay mechanic that could only exist in the immersive world of VR,” Palm said in a statement. “Of course anyone can kick a ball into a net, but only in the world of Ultimech can you and your mechanic hit it by firing a rocket fist and controlling the course while following its path. And it just scratches the surface of Ultimechs. We have really stretched the boundaries of what can be done in VR in this game and we can not wait to share more details. “

Resolution Games has been pioneering interesting experiences in VR for a while, as they have just come out of the successful launch of the virtual table game Demeo, as well as a previous PVP project in Blaston. It will be interesting to see what Resolution has for us next time in Ultimechs. Stay tuned for more details here on Shacknews.

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