Wildflour sprouts another flower in Weston Creek

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Like many Canberra hospitality operators, Michael Rose found the city’s closure a heavy burden to bear as he suffered massive operating losses at his Wildflour bakeries and Espresso Room cafes and struggled to keep his staff busy.

Still, this month Mick shows the town that he’s back, not only opening a new espresso room in Tuggeranong, but proudly unveiling a long-awaited new Wildflour bakery to Weston Creek. The bakery was almost sold out at noon, such was the demand for his signature sourdough in the budding Cooleman Right. “It’s a busy place and I’ve had my eye on it for five or six years,” Michael said.

With a mix of elderly residents and new families moving in, plus a variety of new eateries and cafes to enjoy, Weston Creek’s mall attracts large crowds, especially on weekends. So somewhere at Wildflour’s long banquet to stop for an asparagus and truffle quiche or a chorizo ​​and pork sausage with a strong latte from ONA coffee, seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered.

When new customers arrived at the distinctive Wildflour blue fit-out yesterday, Michael was stopped by a few to thank him for establishing himself there. “It’s pretty humiliating when it happens. I’m honestly happy to be able to continue despite how hard the year has been. It’s great for my staff and I have really had to show leadership to keep things moving despite the circumstances. ”

This is not the first time Michael has had to come out of a lockdown swing. He opened Wildflour in Kingston last year after the first lockdown, in addition to his flagship Wildflour Physics Bakery that started in 2019.

The huge kitchen in Physics will still pump out the artisanal selection of breads and sourdoughs and pastries, while all the hot pies, quiches and sausage rolls will be made on site at Kingston and the new Weston stores. Wildflour Weston will also offer a seasonal and ever-changing range of cakes and sweet pastries, including brioches, danish, muffin brownies, slices, cookies, gluten-free muesli bars and cinnamon rolls, which will be available if you arrive early enough (we only just reached to snap the last lemon meringue croissant to test if it was as addictive as the coconut and mango croissant and can attest that it’s worth setting an alarm for)!

There will also be a daily selection of Wildflour’s signature sandwiches, including the popular Rueben with mustard, mayo, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, pastrami pickes and mixed leaves, or the vegetarian option with pesto mayo, roasted eggplant, beets, peppers, mixed leaves and crumbled slice.

In the meantime, stock up on your favorite ONA coffee blend like Michael and coffee guru and former world champion barista Sasia Sixty have been partners for fifteen years. There are also a number of bespoke chocolates made by a local chocolate maker, Kokoartisan and homemade dressing and oils to buy.

The bakery is located on the main thoroughfare opposite the supermarket with seating inside and out. Look for the characteristic mural of wheat and wild flowers painted by Canberra conceptual artist John See (he also made the Kingston mural), bold branding by Jon Shirley and the bright shades of the big silver whips. And if the opening day was something to go on, then be prepared to line up.

The essentials:

Wildflour Weston
Where: Cooleman Right
Hours: 7am to 5pm, 7 days a week
Contact: wildflour.com.au

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