“You start at 9 and at 9:02 you will be offended”

He is one of the security agents who runs the Casino de la Guillotière. Progress has met him. This professional depicts a surreal situation 800 meters from Place Bellecour.

So much so that the supermarket on Place Gabriel-Péri has decided to lower the curtain at 5pm, instead of 7.30pm. Information revealed by Progress 12th November. And since? “Things are going better” in the business, says the security guard, who describes the cat-and-mouse game between the police and those who disturb the peace in the neighborhood.

“Steal 30 or 40 shampoos to resell them on the spot”

This improvement does not obscure the reality of everyday life. Iniquities and offenses begin as soon as the doors open. “You start at 9 and at 9.02 you get offended. Young people will steal 30 or 40 shampoos at once to resell them on …

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