A circus with animals is visible on La Valentine, while the city has banned any installation in its public spaces

A circus of wild animals took place until December 5 in Marseille, although the city clearly banned their arrival in its territory. Except that the installation of the Muller circus in Valentine is perfectly legal. It happens on private and not public land.

“We asked Géant Casino, who allowed us to install our tent in the parking lot,” assures Franck Muller, the owner of this circus, which claims to be traditional: “We have about twenty wild animals, tigers, lions, zebras, a dromedaries, etc. “. To hear him, the weekend’s performances were sold out, or 300 seats at each show.

“The children are betrayed, they think the animals are having fun while in a cage, unhappy, and families have to tell us that we have not missed our lives if we have never seen them in person. Wild animals,” condemns Amandine Sanvisens, co-founder of PAZ Animal Welfare Association. She was warned by members about this installation of the Muller Circus in Marseille, which for her is no coincidence. “I think it’s a conscious choice, because the mayor has taken a clear position on the issue.”

“We want to ban ourselves.”

“Their power is limited,” she admits, but urges the city of Marseille to “send a security commission” and “to remove and verbalize the wild posters on street furniture.” So many things that were not on the agenda on Friday, according to our information, the city reaffirms, “that it does not allow the installation of circuses with animals in its public spaces, and that the circus in question is on private land.” Still, the law is against animal cruelty just passed for the PAZ association, “is a big, historic step. We will follow the application of this law, and the fate of wild animals in the current circus, which is central to us.”

By law, it will be forbidden to present them to the public within two years, and to detain them within seven years. “We are still against, we can not accept what will flow water on the bridges”, responds Franck Muller, who denies the allegations of ill-treatment and at the same time promises: “We will be banned. We should already now stop the bullfighting, the most cruel spectacle in the world, he says.And the racehorses that get beaten up all day! After Marseille, the Muller circus, one of the 120 current traveling circuses touring in France, is going to Toulon au Mourillon. “On municipal land”, according to Franck Muller.

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