ACT Police’s step-by-step acquisition of Gungahlin’s Joint Emergency Services Center begins in 2022

“The police side of the building is not fit for purpose,” he said. “The members are sitting on top of each other, and there is a lack of IT infrastructure in there, so they have to fight for computers. There is no dedicated meal area, so the members in there sit at the same table where they handle exhibits.

“Every ACT police station, bar Gungahlin, has an interview room or family room for vulnerable people. Gungahlin Station does not have that, and the room they use temporarily is right next to a detention cell.”

It is the press of the current situation that has made AFPA somewhat disappointed by the lack of clarity that the ACT government has given so far.

“It’s frustrating, but we know Mick Gentleman, ACT Minister of Police and Emergency Services, has a game plan and he’s moving on with it,” Roberts said. “We hope to work with him and his office on that plan in the future.

‘It would be good if it happened sooner rather than later. “Gungahlin is a rapidly growing jurisdiction both in size and population, so we need to get more police officers out there, but unfortunately with the current status we can not physically put more police officers out there.”

ACT Policing pressured to stay at its current location due to the proximity of the Joint Emergency Services Center building to the Gungahlin Town Center. AFPA believes the takeover of the entire building will bring Gungahlin Police Station up to par with the rest of ACT’s stations.

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Sir. Gentleman said the needs of police and other emergency services have “grown out of” the current center. He said the beginning of the process is about “getting on with the task of delivering” for front-line respondents.

“In order to continue to provide efficient service to the northern community, there will be a step-by-step approach for ACT Policing to take on full occupancy of the current facility and for the long-term needs of ACT Fire & Rescue, ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT SES need to be addressed, ”he said.

“I will continue to work with our police and emergency services on the implementation of this plan in the future to ensure that their housing needs are met and that the Gungahlin region remains well serviced into the future.”

Gungahlin Community Council President Peter Elford said his organization is pleased that the ACT government has recognized the need for improved police facilities in Gungahlin. However, he said the primary focus should be on getting additional staff for the station.

“The key question is, with all this [being] about the physical facilities, when are we going to see additional staffing out in Gungahlin because it ultimately has the capacity to increase the staff, which will actually make a difference to the performance of the police, ”he said.

“More police out here [is needed] to have better coverage because there are 90,000 people here now and we would like to see figures in Gungahlin [compare] to other districts. ”

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