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announced a new version of its Halo fitness band at its hardware event in September, and now you can lock a pre-order. , Amazon’s first laptop with a screen, costs $ 50 during the pre-order period. It will typically cost $ 80.

The device, which ships sometime in December, comes with a year-long Halo membership. The plan includes training and, and it typically costs $ 4 a month.

Halo View has a design similar to Fitbit’s Charge tape. The AMOLED color screen shows, among other things, details about your live workouts, activity history, blood oxygen and sleep results (some of these features are exclusive to the Halo subscription). You can also view text messages.

The swim-safe device includes a skin temperature sensor, heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. Amazon claims that the battery runs for up to seven days on a single charge and that it will fully recharge in two hours.

Although Halo View does not have a built-in microphone, there is integration with Alexa. If you connect to the voice assistant through the Halo app’s settings, you can ask an Alexa-enabled device to tell you about your health history, sleep quality, and other information.

Amazon says privacy was an important consideration in how it designed the Halo. “There are several layers of protection in place to keep data safe and under your control,” the company claims. It also promised not to sell health data linked directly to you. You have the option to download your health data or delete it from the Halo app at any time.

Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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