Anne Hidalgo considers her proposal to double teachers’ salaries over the five-year period “feasible”

On the move, Friday 19 November, in Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis), the Socialist Party candidate, Anne Hidalgo, returned to her proposal, much commented on and criticized, for doubling teachers’ salaries over the five-year period. . “You just have to choose your priorities”, she explained during a roundtable discussion with teachers, school leaders, parents and high school students and thought it was “Feasible”.

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In difficulty since joining the campaign, the mayor of Paris is intensifying meetings and discussions with the French and has announced that she will present her proposals in January. During her trip to the Paris suburbs on Friday, devoted to the two key themes of her campaign, health and education, she still made it known that she wanted to restore the wealth tax and would refuse, if elected, to provide support to private companies without any compensation. Money recovered “Will be used according to two priorities: school and hospital”, she added.

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Want to delete Parcoursup

A little earlier, in front of a primary school, stood Mme Hidalgo regretted it before “We had the best school in the world, we had the best health care system in the world, and today they are damaged.”. Faced with high school students who asked him about territorial inequalities – “In Seine-Saint-Denis, the poorest department in France, we have less chances than the others”, said one student – and the anguish of “Overwhelming”, she reminded of her desire to delete Parcoursup, ie “There to cope with the shortage of places in higher education”.

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She also defended “Opportunity for students to grope” and to be able to change direction in their studies. In the morning, the candidate went to Val-de-Marne, where she lamented that mental health is “The Great Forgotten Public Health Problems in France”, want to do it “Good case” of his five-year term.

At the inter-municipal hospital in Créteil, then in a Maison de l ‘adolescent, she met doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, educators and associations, who told her about the lack of beds and staff. . “We need time and staff, psychiatry takes time”, hammered Professor Christophe Recasens, head of the autism unit. “We must stop this logic of believing that the hospital is a private company like any other and will save money in the short term. We have to get out of that shit ”, the candidate replied, saying she would “Put people back everywhere”.

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