Capcom is releasing new Street Fighter 5 Luke concept art that further details his various costumes

It won’t be long before we see the latest and greatest DLC character for Street Fighter 5 in action. Next Tuesday, Capcom is preparing to hold their Fall Update broadcast, where they will highlight the power punch, Luke.

In anticipation of this presentation, the company has released a new set of concept artworks that fans can enjoy while they wait. This Luke concept art provides a closer look at his alternative costumes.

“Follow #SFVFallUpdate as we dive into the back story and move sets of the final #SFV character, Luke! ⭐” writes Street Fighter Twitter Account. “Check out this early preview of Luke’s costumes to get ready!”

Standard Luke basically goes with the MMA fighter look. The brawler has his blue and yellow shorts, he is covered in tattoos, and he has a few dog tags hanging around his neck, which is not the only resemblance he seems to have with the Street Fighter veteran, Guile.

The second costume here gives Luke a camo hoodie with a US ARMY patch on his chest. He wears thick boots, gloves and a supply pack on his leg, and the artwork shows both the cap on and the cap off – probably what we will see for the Easter egg variant when Luke is playable.

Finally, we have balls Luke embellished in an entire sweater and sweatband. It is clear that this fighter represents the United States hard, as each costume has something patriotic strewn all over it.

Luke Street Fighter 5 Concept Art Image # 1

Luke Street Fighter 5 Concept Art Image # 2

Luke Street Fighter 5 Concept Art Image # 3

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The Street Fighter 5 Fall Update stream is set to air Tuesday, Nov. 23 at 7 p.m. 15.00 PT. Be sure to tune in here on EventHubs for all the latest Luke updates and news.


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