Disability: a chosen one’s tears after a colleague’s “validist” speech

DISABLED – Tears of pain and indignation. Those from Audrey Hénocque, first deputy mayor of Lyon, following remarks by Françoise Blanc, new interim LR leader in Lyon. Following the presentation of the 5th report by the Municipal Commission for the Accessibility of the City of Lyon to the Disabled by Deputy Florence Delaunay, Françoise Blanc, the new interim leader of the right wing of Lyon, spoke. While questioning the relevance of the actors selected to work on the subject of disability, she replied abruptly:

“The participation of two associations, Ville à Vélo and Maison du Vélo made me smile (…) I did not understand that we should be able to step on a club or a blind bowl (laughter) from F. Blanc , editor’s note), joke aside ”.

Words that deeply shocked and touched Audrey Hénocque, even with a disability. She then spoke with tears in her eyes and her voice trembling: “These words shocked me extremely. Everything you have said, Madame Blanc, reveals oppression of people with disabilities, we call it validism,” she began.

“Words like ‘boneless’ to talk about someone who has amputated their upper thighs are as serious as using the term ‘nigger’ to talk about colored people (…) at the end of your remarks, you used the term ‘to be’, as if there was a natural difference between people with disabilities and other people, ”she states.

And to continue in front of the audience: “Society is made up of men and women with their strengths or their differences and difficulties (…) I would like to remind you of the UN definition of disability: disability is a connection between three factors, a deficiency mixed with a unacceptability of society, mixed with accessibility difficulties (…) we have not yet left the hostel ”.

Condemn a “system of dominance clothed in charitable purposes”

In conclusion, Audrey Hénocque condemned remarks “as serious as it all right now does when we objectify people, unaccompanied minors are thieves / rapists, foreigners are such and such a thing (…) I find that very shocking, one feels that I is particularly touched ”.

At these last words, the congregation rose to applaud her, causing a few tears to flow from the first assistant. The Mayor of Lyons once again gave the floor to François Blanc to explain:

“Madam, I would like to express my regret to you if I was able to excite you in something that shocked you. You probably do not know, but I have a strong connection to the disability community. The comments I reported in “Today, we do not shock people in these circles at all. One day we will have a conversation in this direction”.

On Twitter, Audrey Hénocque returned to this sequence.

“I was moved to speak spontaneously in CM because how to speak on behalf of millions of discriminated people in a few words to explain that in addition to Mrs Françoise Blanc’s unacceptable remarks against disabled people, it is a whole system of dominance clothed in charitable intentions (therefore difficult to criticize) that should be condemned, ”she testifies.

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