Double child killer Colin Pitchfork arrested after being released from prison


Former child killer Colin Pitchfork has been arrested and remanded in jail after being released two months ago, the Justice Department has said.

It is understood that he was returned to custody on Friday for a breach of his license terms and his re-release will be a matter for the Parole Board.

The serial killer risks spending time in another closed prison just two months after his first experience of freedom in 33 years.

He was not recalled for having committed further offenses, but because officers identified “concerning conduct” and preventive measures were taken, it is believed.

A spokesman for the Danish Prison and Probation Service said: “Protecting the public is our first priority, so when offenders break the conditions of their release and potentially pose an increased risk, we do not hesitate to return them for detention.”

Pitchfork strangled Lynda Mann, 15, in 1983 and 15-year-old Dawn Ashworth three years later.

Dawn’s mother Barbara Ashworth said she is “happy” that Pitchfork has been reinstated.

Schoolgirl Dawn Ashworth

/ ON

“I’m glad he’s been put away and women and girls are safe and protected from him now,” she said.

“It’s a safer place when he’s behind bars, and I do not have to worry about other people getting hurt by him at the moment.

“But there is always the concern that he may come out again, he seems to have a lot of people on his side who give him the doubt.” 20. June 2021

Pitchfork’s minimum term of 30 years was cut by two years in 2009 and he was transferred to HMP Leyhill Open Prison in Gloucestershire three years ago.


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