Éric Zemmour announces a meeting at the Zénith in Paris on 5 December

Eric Zemmour announced on Twitter, on Friday, a meeting at the Zenith in Paris, while the announcement of his candidacy for the presidential election is expected soon.

While Eric Zemmour’s candidacy for presidential election is less and less doubtful, the date of his official announcement remains tense, but it should be announced soon.

This Friday, however, the right-wing extremist polemicist announced a meeting at the Zenith in Paris on December 5, presented as “the continuation of history” and the moment when “The Crossroads Ends”.

The website “croiseedeschemins-ez” was used by Éric Zemmour to announce the series of conferences – meeting-like – which he has held since the start of the school year around the promotion of his latest book, “France did not say its last word”.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Meetings that can parasitize the LR Congress, which will be held on December 4, and which will make it possible to choose the right-wing candidate for the Elysee race.

Cyrielle Cabot BFMTV reporter

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