Hulu’s live TV plans will soon be $ 5 more per month

If you are a Hulu + Live TV customer, Disney plans to add and ESPN + to your subscription and you have no choice in the matter. On Friday, the company sent an email to current subscribers informing them of the impending change. From December 21, all Hulu + Live subscriptions will include access to Disney’s two other streaming platforms. Previously, you could get Hulu + Live TV alone.

And with the change, the price of Hulu + Live TV plans is rising by $ 5 a month for both current and new customers. On the 21st, the ad-supported level will cost $ 69.99 per. month, while the “no ads” package will cost $ 75.99 every 30 days. If you are a Hulu + Live TV customer with an existing Disney + and / or ESPN + subscription, these will roll into the new plan.

Disney previously raised the price of its live TV packages in 2020 when they. People never like to pay more for a service, but the way the company handles this recent price increase can annoy some customers. Disney’s latest can provide an insight into the company’s motivations. In Q4, the company added 2.1 million Disney + subscribers, far fewer than the 9.4 million Wall Street had expected it to attract. It is possible that Disney expects that the Hulu subscribers they lose will be worth an increase for their Disney + customer base.

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