Newspaper: Satellites reveal a secret site in the Emirates … and Biden warns Bin Zayed

US intelligence learned months ago that China was secretly building a military base in an Emirati port near Abu Dhabi, according to a US newspaper quoted informed sources as saying.

The sources told the Wall Street Journal that secret satellite footage filmed by a satellite last spring led US officials to conclude that China was building a military base at Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, but construction work was halted following pressure from President Joe Biden’s administration. It included a meeting with the Crown Prince of the Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

The sources indicated to the newspaper that the UAE government was not aware of the military nature of China’s activities in the port.

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Officials told the newspaper that President Biden twice personally expressed to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed his concern about China’s growing presence in the UAE, in May and then in August, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi replied that he “clearly heard” this. warning.

The newspaper quoted its sources as saying that Washington warned Abu Dhabi that China’s military presence in the territory of the United Arab Emirates threatened their relations, adding that US pressure resulted in the visit of US National Security Adviser and President Joe Biden’s envoy to the Middle East. to the construction site.

On the other hand, a representative of the United Arab Emirates’ embassy in Washington told the newspaper that his country was not negotiating and had no plan or intention to host any Chinese military base or place on its territory, stressing that Abu Dhabi is not aware of. of this case.

According to the newspaper’s report, construction work on the alleged Chinese site was halted after a series of visits and meetings with US officials.

The delay in the US delivery of the F-35 campaign agreement agreed between Washington and Abu Dhabi during the era of former President Donald Trump, which reports is attributed to the United Arab Emirates’ relations with China.

About Washington fears the United Arab Emirates’ relationship with China and its use of Huawei’s communications technologies and the possibility that it poses a threat to the security of fighters connected via communications networks, said Mira Resnick, Deputy Secretary of State for Regional Security Affairs, that the Biden administration is concerned about the use of communication networks. Fifth generation of “5G” Chinese anywhere in the world.

And in May last year, the Wall Street Journal published a response from Emirati’s Ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, to America’s concerns about the growing emirate – Chinese military ties that led to what is said to be indications of the possibility of Beijing establishing a military base in Abu Dhabi.

Al-Otaiba said: “The United Arab Emirates has a documented and consistent track record in protecting US military technology, both in the alliances where we have served with the US military and within the UAE, where a wide range of sensitive US military assets has been deployed for many years. “

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