RSPCA’s Pet of the Week – Kenobi & Lexi


Kenobi is looking for a homie.

Meet our lovable Pet of the Week looking for eternal homes at the RSPCA ACT Shelter!

Kenobi and Lexi are this week’s friendly pets! These beautiful animals are waiting to find their perfect match. Do you think it could be you? Read more about them below.

Cat of the Week – Kenobi

Obi-Won once said “Pay attention to your thoughts, Anakin, they betray you.” The only thing we think about is what a cute Kenobi is!

This guy came to the shelter without his own fault and ready to find his new home. He wants to leave the stress of being a Jedi knight and retire to become a lounge lizard. Ok, he may not be a Jedi, but he was definitely stressed out in his old home. In between kids, dogs and other cats, Kenobi was about to be ready to wrap it up. In his new home, Kenobi needs a much quieter vibe. He will have to be the only pet, which just means more quality of cuddle time!

Kenobi likes to examine it and then plop himself down into your lap for a little scratch and nudge. Kenobi is very sweet, but you can expect him to be a little shy at first. He would benefit from having an experienced cat owner to help him adjust and adapt to his new home. Once he is calm and comfortable, even though he is a pleasure! To help with his stress, we would recommend Kenobi to have access to a cat run so he can blow some steam and explore.


Lexi is looking for a home!

Dog of the Week – Lexi

Miss Lexi is a beautiful girl who is ready to start a new life! Lexi is a medium-sized dog with a beautiful rusty, reddish-brown coat and iconic Kelpie-pointing ears. Lexi is well established in her adult years and looks forward to adjusting to a quiet life with her new family.

Lexi is a soft and gentle dog who absolutely loves people. She is very loving and happy to rub her belly while you both enjoy each other’s company. If you are looking for a pet friend on the couch, she would be an ideal candidate.

Lexi is not as active as she used to be. She prefers regular but gentle exercise and will therefore be an excellent stroll. One thing Lexi loves more than belly rubbing is – the tennis ball. If Lexi could have a life mantra, it would be to throw, catch, retrieve, repeat!

Lexi has lovely manners around food and loves a snack. Tempt her with a bit of chicken and she will be your friend for life. Lexi has shown that she can meet some other dogs, but we would recommend her to be the only dog ​​in the home. She would not fit into a house with pocket pets or cats, but is a gem with little people. We would recommend her to a family with children 8 years or older.

Lexi wants to make a lovely dog ​​for a lucky family.

Visit the RSPCA at 12 Kirkpatrick St, Weston, and add a new companion to your life – you will not regret it!

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