See the preview of ‘South Park: Post COVID’

The new “South Park” special looks to be amazing.

“South Park: Post COVID” will drop on Thanksgiving at Paramount +, and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. (RELATED: David Hookstead is the True One King I The Nerd When it comes to college football)

The preview seems to indicate that there is a massive time jump of several decades as people continue to wait for the pandemic.

Give it a watch below.

We need “South Park” more than ever right now and I can not wait to see what we get in the latest special. “South Park” shattered some previous content during the pandemic, and it looks like this will not be any different.

It looks like hits will continue to come as fans have been expecting for years of the legendary show.

We need great comedy now more than ever in America as the waking mob goes out of their way to ruin everything that’s fun in this country.

To combat that nonsense, we need to promote comedy without borders, and that’s what “South Park” is all about.

So let’s all prepare for a damn fun Thanksgiving special. I can not wait!

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