tense exchange between Macron and Bertrand over Ascoval

The head of state and the president of Hauts-de-France engaged in an icy discussion on the difficult industrial issue and electricity tariffs.

The campaign for 2022 is already in everyone’s minds. Especially among Republicans who have just entered the home of their Congress, which is expected to nominate their presidential candidate in early December. Among the five personalities contributing to it is especially Xavier Bertrand, who already has ants in his legs at the thought of launching. Present in Guise (Aisne) on Friday, as president of the Hauts-de-France region, the former Sarkozy Labor minister took advantage of the Republican welcome reserved for Emmanuel Macron to challenge the head of state.

«May I take you two seconds on a file? Ascoval“, He began to face the president. Reference to the recent project of the German steel group Saarstahl – which manages the Saint-Saulve plant (North) – which was considering transferring part of the production of the French steelworks across the Rhine to reduce costs in light of the outbreak of electricity tariffs. Before he finally gave up on extremism, after a long meeting with Industry Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher. “The solution chosen is that they give upTherefore, Emmanuel Macron welcomed.

Far from stopping there, the discussion then turned to a dialogue between the deaf between the two men. “This is the electricity tariff, the subject“said Xavier Bertrand.”It changes January 1st “, Clip Emmanuel Macron.”When we have competition from the Germans with coal, they will not be competitive. They must have the preference rate. That’s the only way“, Urged the President of the Hauts-de-France region. “This is the only way to keep the clouds away for a long time“, he continued, claiming to be”spokesman“Of the affected employees thanks to his”listening to the field».

A handshake as long and icy cold as the exchange: almost 3 minutes

«First, we are struggling to maintain tariffs in the short term. Secondly, we are fighting for better, behind, having the right taxonomy that will allow us to have the best prices in the long run. Three, to reform European tariffs“, Tried to explain in return the head of state. “I understood that, but I’m telling you this is not the solution“Then Xavier Bertrand interrupted and demanded”guarantees‘Clearly from state and government. “You may know better than anyone else … it’s possibleFinally, Emmanuel Macron got annoyed.

As they held out their handshakes, which lasted as long as their icy exchange – almost three minutes – the two men parted on a finding of disagreement. “The problem is not who is right between us …», Xavier Bertrand admitted. Before receiving a final spade from Emmanuel Macron as a farewell. “Thank you for being with the other elected representatives“, Launched the Head of State. How to send him back to his status as president of Hauts-de-France. And to challenge him in doing so as a potential opponent for 2022.

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