Terrace heating: The city of Lyon says stop

The city of Lyon has just issued a municipal decree banning heating on the terrace of bars and restaurants. “With a new municipal decree amending Article 5 of the current regulation of terraces, the city of Lyon will in future ban all types of heating, whether they are fixed or mobile and regardless of their mode of operation.”, indicates the ecological municipality.

“As part of its climate-air-energy plan, the city of Lyon is participating in the collective responsibility to move towards more sobriety in the use of energy and resources, for buildings as well as in public spaces,” the city argues in a press release.

“Encourage environmentally responsible alternatives for traders”

The measure was included in the program of the organic mayor Grégory Doucet. And other cities in France have already adopted the measure, such as Rennes.

It is now left to find a basis for dialogue with the managers of bars and restaurants, some of which achieve a significant turnover thanks to especially heated umbrellas.

The city of Lyon promises to develop publicly on Tuesday the springs of this decision. She already indicates that she will “encourage environmentally responsible alternatives for traders”.

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