Continuing the discussion on the effects of covert forces on the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates, it is remarkable that it has been a long time since waves of violence, extremism, terrorism and organized crime began to invade the Arab Gulf region as manifestations. of violence and extremism began in Bahrain and Kuwait in the early eighties of the twentieth century. Passed through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the bombings in the eastern province and ended with the “Brotherhood” coup attempt in the UAE.

These manifestations of violence, extremism and treason against home countries are the result of what the hidden forces supported from the outside can do to secure societies, and their negative impact on them so far, if not directly perceived by the ordinary citizen, but the impact on the Communities in the Arab Gulf states will expand their interests far in terms of politics, economics, free trade, education, knowledge of advanced technology and its actual possession, take its benefits and take advantage of it.

It is noteworthy that the foreign policy of the United Arab Emirates has so far managed – and the UAE is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of its national day – to achieve many successes and keep pace with remarkable in the areas of confrontation with covert forces that may affect the country’s national security and social peace, in particular with regard to the phenomenon of terrorism at the level of security cooperation The international community and the adoption of the necessary laws to combat terrorism, confront terrorists, organized networks of violence and money laundering in support of global terrorism, resulting in the country by God Grace has not faced any terrorist or any other problem that it has so far not been able to confront, confront and successfully.

In its foreign policy, the United Arab Emirates can monitor everything that could be planned for it abroad by moving away from anything that is illusion or misleading that the United Arab Emirates is immune to exposure to terrorist operations, and it has taken the discreet actions that achieve this on earth so that it can eliminate Above all that he might touch while he was in his cradle, such the living mother did not allow anything to happen by chance.

The country’s foreign policy has put in mind that the networks of terrorism, extremism, organized crime and political conspiracies and intrigues around the world are looking for any deadly weapon and a intimidating means of undermining the security and safety of societies and safe countries, and the United Arab Emirates and its peaceful society, including the diligent search for possession of lethal weapons and money laundering, the money laundering and the intrusion of the state and society into implementing harmful agendas and schemes that are weapons, tools and resources available in the black markets and the corridors of darkness, if those in charge of the country’s foreign policy closed their eyes for a moment to surveillance, surveillance, constant vigilance and continuous persecution, and that is a well-known fact, and it seems Everyone understands it well and works according to its requirements by building qualified cadres, who are familiar with the demands of their time, and by a t use the latest technology and technology available in today’s world. In addition, the United Arab Emirates is witnessing a comprehensive renaissance affecting all aspects of life in it, and it has become an economic and political force to be reckoned with globally.

Based on these facts, foreign policy makers and implementers have become aware of the danger of the emergence of someone who wants to undermine all of this, perhaps simply out of envy, hatred, jealousy and ambitions for dominance and revenge that blind hearts to the eyes.

The rational political leadership of the country has realized that in order for all this to be achieved, it is necessary to draw up and implement a solid foreign policy based on a solid foundation, with the participation of competent citizens who are familiar with the mysteries and details of the effects of hidden forces on foreign policy. The United Arab Emirates has developed new approaches to its foreign policy with the aim of succeeding in meeting these new challenges that characterize today’s changing world.

These new approaches contain, as we have suggested, no kind of leaving cases to chance in terms of achieving comprehensive security for the country internally and externally, no matter what mask the hidden forces are hiding behind, which means laying the foundation for strong and efficient institutions.

* Emirati author