the streets of central Lyon will be pedestrianized the weekend before Christmas

rue de la République pedestrians pedestrians

Several streets in Lyon will be pedestrianized on Saturday 18 September. (© Tim Douet)

For the 4th time, since the arrival of the new municipal environmental team at the helm of the city of Lyon, the streets of Lyon will be pedestrianized on the weekend of 18-19. December.

The “La Voie est libre” system is back this weekend 18.-19. December in Lyon, announces Valentin Lungenstrass, Lyon’s Deputy Mayor with responsibility for mobility, urban logistics and public spaces. “Sat 3 central districts (1st, 2nd, 4th) in connection with merchants and districts“, specifies the deputy.

Targeted actions that can be continued over the coming months? It’s Lyon City Hall. “The Peninsula appeasement project could begin in 2022“, Valentin Lungenstrass explained on the set of 6 minutes flat on Wednesday. He had extensively discussed the topic of pedestrians in Lyon for Lyon Capitale in October.

On the peninsula we can go towards a very strong reconciliation. You just have to find a balance between local residents / messengers, etc. and the pedestrian sector. It will be in consultation, and it will be discussed widely at the hearing, which will be a mixture of what in Italian cities is called “restricted traffic zone” – what Paris wants to get in place in its center – ie authorized access for residents, mothers. , nurses etc … and for everything else it becomes no“, added Valentin Lungenstrass.

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