The world in Dubai – the newspaper Al-Ittihad

A day when dawn breaks and the stars write the first word on the first line, a day when the moon comes out, among the folds of eternity, to say here the world begins, here the trees shine, and here the light flows from the light from Dubai , and the magic it showed.
On November 22, the scientist writes his novel about the industry of tomorrow and the beginning of the era, the biography of a homeland that has become the treasure of the world, and its priceless wealth.
On this date, the world celebrates Dubai’s ingenuity and leadership ability, which established a school for the future to teach the world how to manage countries, how to direct the compass to the distant horizon, and how the fingers touch the gardens of life so that they remain rosy, satisfied. generous, cheerful, clean, elegant, tribute. Do not polarize, do not condemn, do not blame, do not get angry, this is the life that Dubai has accepted, and on the horses of her horses have risen, heights rise, rise, rise and rise until it in the universe has become an old “bear”, which stands as the world watches with amazement, admiration and pride, pride.
Dubai, embracing the idea of ​​the world, with the scent of the forest, the sound of the palm and the legacy of the good people of the proud desert, those on whose shoulders the will rose with dreams that expand the universe, those who watered the seeds of suit sweat and filled the dirt with fingers like pens, organized, stacked and arranged And trimmed, refined and wrote the biography of almond leaves and left a life archive for the time to come, from which they derive the strength of determination, the ingenuity of knowledge, the skill of knowledge and the brilliance of wisdom.
Today, Dubai receives the other, with a full hand, making it true to the past, committed to the data of today and respecting the importance of being in the future.
This is the vision of management, and this is a feature of the ruler, surrounded by necklaces of integrity, insight and significance in the poem of the homeland.
On this day, the meeting will not only be for the sake of industry, but it is the tyranny of the desire to see Dubai, how it has become the compass that longs for its ports, and how the minds seem to approach its meadows, and how souls sees it as a wonderful space seeking refuge from the sands of dark spaces.
Today, the world gathers here in Dubai, on the green land of the Emirates, an assembly composed of love for a country that has been able to be a habitat for love and intimate relationships with the whole world.


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