This black woman millennial teaches women six-digit strategies to make money through digital entrepreneurship

In March 2020, Asia Abston lost its job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She had no university degree and no company experience due to she had been a bartender for over a decade.

About 20 months later, Abston has built a double-digit company as a dropshipper and business coach, where her business income exceeds $ 300,000 in revenue so far this year and counts.

Abston is the founder of The Luxe Life Academy, where she teaches her students about e-commerce and social media marketing.

The pandemic forced Abston to turn his bustle as a drop-shipper into full-time income.

“I made six figures as a bartender. I spent less than $ 500 to start my side business as a drop-shipper, and I brought $ 1,000 extra a month here and there. But in March 2020, the world fell apart,” Abston said in a statement. interview on The Dreamers Podcast.

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Her job shut down for months due to the pandemic, and her unemployment check was not enough to cover her $ 2,300 a month in rent plus other expenses. That was when Abston realized she needed to figure things out, otherwise she might have to move back to Chicago to live with her parents.

“I dropped out of college and was a bartender for 10 years. So on paper, I’m not qualified to get a job. So I decided to spend all my energy on drop shipping because I did not want to be homeless or broken, ”said Abston. BLACK COMPANY.

She committed herself to turning her busyness as a drop-shipper into the equivalent of her full-time income and spent the summer learning as much as she could.

“In August, I had my first $ 5,000 month. In September, I earned another $ 5,000. In December, I earned $ 10,000 in my drop shipping store. And that was it for me. I said pandemic or no pandemic; I no longer want to work for anyone. others, ”says Abston.

Abston has been a podcaster for four years. On her show, she talks about entrepreneurship and side hoisting. During the pandemic, she said drop shipping was what kept her afloat. So many listeners reached out to her and wanted to find out more.

That was when she made an Instagram Live to tell about her experience. During Life, several people asked her to teach them how to be successful with drop shipping.

That was when her friend and fellow business coach, Ellie Diop, encouraged Abston to put his knowledge into a course.

“My goal was to get 100 people in the class in 30 days. Instead, I got 100 people in 7 days and earned $ 11,000 in a few weeks, ”Abston said.

Abston’s drop-shipping store has generated over $ 100K in 12 months. Since then, she has had over 2,000 students, and her followers on social media have grown to over 50,000 people.

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“The power of social media has changed my life. As the person who was the class clown and barely made it through school. People find me organically using Instagram. So I use it as a tool to show other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs that you can build a brand on this free platform and turn it into more six-digit and on the way to seven-digit, ”said Abston. BLACK COMPANY.

Abston believes that digital entrepreneurship can help level the playing field between the race and the gender gap.

“I’m the child of a convicted felon. I just got Cs and Ds and barely got out of high school. I worked as a bartender for a decade of my life. No one in my family owns a business and I’m a “Black girl. So I know what insurmountable odds look like. But my coaching business is on track to raise $ 400,000 by the end of this year,” said Abston.

“There are kids who make $ 10 million a year playing with toys on YouTube. There’s money to be made. The best thing anyone, regardless of age, talent level or background, can do is jump on the bandwagon now,” she added. .


Anne-Lyse Wealth is a writer, wealth educator and certified public accountant. She is the founder of the Plutus Awards nominee, a platform dedicated to inspiring millennials to build wealth with purpose, and the ALW Communications Agency.

Anne-Lyse is the author of “Dream of Legacy, Raising Strong and Financial Secure Black Kids” and hosts The Dreamers Podcast.

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