Video of cat recovering from a cold in the home spa has internet in stitches: ‘Catatonic’

You may have been relaxed before, but have you ever been as relaxed as a particular cat in a recent viral video?

In footage, posted to Reddit by user Sunshineandhomicide, a white, fluffy cat can be seen enjoying the benefits of a makeshift home spa.

In the 14-second clip, which can be seen here, the cat has a warm compress, consisting of a brown towel that covers the eyes, and the pet is wrapped in a soft blanket.

Soothing music plays softly in the background while the cat, clearly enjoying the pampering, lies still while his little tongue sticks out.

Sunshineandhomicide explained the situation in the caption to the video, writing: “My cat caught a cold and the vet recommended a warm compress for his eyes. I think he is enjoying his spa time.”

Although cats can not catch colds from humans, according to the Hillcrest Animal Hospital website, they can get an “upper respiratory tract infection (URI) caused by bacteria or a virus.”

This includes symptoms such as sneezing, sniffing, watery eyes, runny nose and mild fever.

The website reveals that among other treatments, they “need to stay warm, so put an extra blanket in their bed or favorite area to curl up.” This could explain the hot compress solution.

The funny footage has gained a lot of traction on the site since it was shared on November 16, after receiving more than 129,000 votes.

In addition, more than 1,600 people have gone to the comments section to share their opinions on the video.

A Reddit user, Sorciere_rousse, wrote: “It’s hard to see this cat live out my dreams.”

Another person, Omarmad123, added: “The cat is in avatar mode. Do not disturb him.”

Capt_Hawkeye_Pierce shared: “My 7-year-old [7-year-old] dorkus does this but with my hand. He sticks his face into my hand to cover his eyes, makes a silly face and then falls asleep. “

Igitalmacgyver thought the video could provide a career opportunity for the video poster, writing, “You know you’re a proud owner of a Cat Spa, this should be a business model. Cat and Dog spas.”

Explodey Heart wrote, “This is the best I’ve ever seen.”

Stumpdawg joked, “If relaxation were a god, that cat would be its worldly avatar.”

Awkward_Swordfish581 rolled over: “Can’t believe that after decades of internet cat videos, I’m still watching something new. Sweet AF, hope your cat gets better soon.”

X_VeniVidiVici_X commented: “This probably feels nice to him, it relieves any kind of discomfort around the eyes he has from the cold. There was probably an initial hesitation, but afterwards it would become clear that it feels very good.”

Opelan noted: “It makes perfect sense that he enjoys it. Cats love heat, even when they are healthy, and I would bet that when they are sick, they feel even more like heat.”

cat in the spa
A stock photo of a cat relaxing with a towel coat on. On Reddit, a pet owner treated their cat with a home spa, and the footage is adorable.

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