when Emmanuel Macron judged the “intelligent” polemicist

IN Honey, I narrowed right Nathalie Schuck and Olivier Beaumont suggest Macron’s relationship with Sarkozy and his relationship with the right. BFMTV.com, who read the book, picked up several anecdotes.

Emmanuel Macron has not stopped in recent months to multiply the flashes on the right, as in his last presidential speech. Shall we see the shadow of his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy? If the two men have nothing in common on paper, the former president of the republic and the tenant of the Élysée Palace have not stopped exchanging since 2017.

Honey, I narrowed right which comes out this Thursday, looks at the complex relationship that unites them and Emmanuel Macron’s taste for going and chasing right-wing voters. BFMTV.com has read this book and retains four anecdotes.

• “Zemmour, I like him, he’s smart. He has his audience”

In the president’s search, we find the readers of Current values, a conservative weekly magazine. As the President replied in length to journalists of the journal in October 2019, at great annoyance of the left wing of his majority, tells the work of our colleagues that the suggestions made during his interview were edited by his communication service.

“Emmanuel Macron slipped a sentence that could make a lot of noise.” Zemmour, I like him, he’s intelligent. He has his audience, “he confesses between two sips of tomato juice and yet specifies that” he judges his words ‘deadly’. (…). On the eve of publication, the Elyos cabinet is concerned. What if the president had talked too much? As is often the custom in the relationship between the written press and the political leaders, a courtesy re-reading of the quotes is requested to ensure that a bomb is not hidden in the words of the head of state. ‘The phrase about Zemmour, makes us the pleasure of removing it.’ (…)

At the Élysée, we accept this discreet editorial: ‘Triangulation of a little is one thing. To suggest that there would be bridges with that there, while the president has major differences with Eric Zemmour, was to risk going too far. We would have drawn it like a bullet until the end of the mandate. “

• “Philippe, he’s the one being asked to make a small photocopy”

While part of the presidential majority is on guard against Edouard Philippe, to whom some attribute ambitions for 2022, Nicolas Sarkozy does not believe it for a moment.

“The former president has long despised Edouard Philippe. In his eyes, this lieutenant of Alain Juppé remained the humble general delegate for the UMP’s services, the Republican ancestor (…). Nicolas did not know Edouard. For him. He was a former party official, the guy who being asked, ‘You’re making me a little photocopy!’ “, a sarcophagus squeaks. An aggravating circumstance almost came to light at the basic congress of the UMP in Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis).

On November 17, 2002, Édouard Philippe intervened to prevent Nicolas Sarkozy from making a grand entrance and stealing the spotlight from Alain Juppé. The then Minister of the Interior, amazed at so much rudeness, the alpaca in boxes, slaps his chest with his fist: ‘You, you never do that to me again!’

• Schiappa has “a kind of fascination-repulsion” for Sarkozy

The book also tells how the presidential majority, in addition to the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Nicolas Sarkozy, appreciates the former right-wing president. Richard Ferrand, Christophe Castaner, François de Rugy … The left wing of Macronia, passed through the Socialist Party or Europe Ecology-The Greens, likes to exchange with the former head of state.

“They all want to see me! Even the other with his spider in the attic,” he mocks another day, referring to deputy and Fields medalist Cédric Villani, a dissident candidate for mayor of Paris who grows curious spider brooches on the back of his costumes. (…) ‘Rue de Miromesnil is the Grail. They all come to seek the immunity totem from Koh Lanta, jokes an adviser to Emmanuel Macron. (…) ‘We can think what we want about man, we can judge his politics, but there are not many personalities like him.

Love him or hate him, it is impossible to deny that he gives something ‘charisma’, admits in front of his friends from LaREM Marlène Schiappa, who has sometimes crossed the road with the Parc des Princes to encourage PSG. ‘I have a kind of fascination-rejection for Nicolas Sarkozy,’ she continues.

• “I asked Macron to fire Véran”

Excellent, the relationship between Emmanuel Macron and the former head of state has deteriorated sharply since the pandemic. The former president believes that the Elysee lacked responsiveness at the start of Covid-19, but also at vaccination. Nicolas Sarkozy takes a particularly serious look at Olivier Véran’s action.

“In his eyes, he has everything wrong across the board in relation to Covid-19, from the management of stocks of masks to the debate on hydroxychloroquine, not to mention the arduous start of the vaccination campaign.” If anyone. has one that Nicolas Sarkozy hates, it’s Olivier Véran. When he talks about it, he smashes him like a Bulgarian butcher ‘, shudders one of his regular visitors who heard him being torn, brutally:’ This asshole Véran explains to us that he accepts the slowness of the vaccination! A minister would have said that to me in my time, I would have called him, and I would have said to him, ‘Listen, since you assume the vaccination is slow, here is the door I assume!’ I do not know anyone who is not insuffed by this man. He’s bad and arrogant, I told Emmanuel Macron he should fire him. Not firing a draw is a sign of weakness.

Therefore, despite a few tumultuous months, this closeness between the two men causes some on the right-wing benches to say that the former president could end up supporting Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election.

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